Date of Project

June 2019

Substrate Material


Type of Asset

Caustic Bund

Location of Asset

South Trees Island, Australia

Spring Loaded Pantograph Boom
Spring Loaded Pantograph Boom


The asset owner approached the LiquiMix team seeking a secondary containment system for sealing several large bunds containing 50% Caustic Soda solution stored in mild steel tanks. The substrate in the bunds was Roadbase, applied in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

The lining system had to perform the following:

  • Be resistant to a 50% Caustic Soda solution.
  • Conform to the complex shapes within the bunds and bund walls.
  • Be tough enough to withstand pedestrian and vehicle traffic in certain areas.
  • Not buckle or bow like HDPE.
  • Application in a speedy and timely manner.
  • Return to service within one hour of application.
  • High surface friction in order to avoid pedestrian slips.
  • Be capable of conforming to the unusually high ground movement.

The entire range of Tufflon pure polyurea products show high resistance to strong alkali’s. However, Tufflon-P80 soon showed it had superior resistance and, coupled with some other unique physical properties, was nominated as the lining material of choice.

The Liquimix team prepared roadbase samples in its Richlands testing facility and, using Liquibond to seal the surface, spray-applied Tufflon-P80 at 4mm DFT.

The result showed a tough, elastomeric, well-adhered lining system.

The Tufflon-P80 system was then applied to a small 2m x 2m section of the bund where it would be subjected to heavy vehicle traffic. One month later, after extensive testing, the system remained intact and unchanged.

The specified secondary containment lining system provided an expected service life of 20 years, and the solution worked efficiently and effectively and is still performing at a high-quality level.

The general recommendations for future projects are to use Tufflon-P80's superbly tough and elastomeric, abrasion-resistant characteristics to line bunds for Caustic cargos and other chemicals in the mining industry.

Liquimix can supply unique preparation methods for different substrates such as asphalt, concrete, steel, soil, roadbase, and clays.

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