ES Rollers – 562 Thin Fin Aluminium Deluxe

562A 10015R02      1" Diameter x 1.5" Long w/2" Radius 562M 10015R02 (25mm x 38mm w/50.8mm Radius)

562A 10030R15       1" Diameter x 3" Long w/15" Radius 562M 10030R15 (25mm x 75mm w/381mm Radius)

562A 12520R04       1.5" Diameter x 2.0" Long w/4" Radius) 562M 12520R04 (38mm x 50mm w/101mm Radius)

562A 12560R30       1.25" Diameter x 6" Long w/30" Radius) 562M 12560R30 (31mm x 150mm w/762mm Radius)

562A 16215R01       1 5/8" Diameter x 1.5" Long w/1" Radius 562M 16215R01 (40mm x 25mm w/25.4mm Radius)

562A 16230R03       1 5/8" Diameter x 3" Long w/3.5" Radius 562M 16230R03 (40mm x 75mm w/84mm Radius)

562A 20030R30       2" Diameter x 3" Long w/30" Radius 562M 20030R30 (50mm x 75mm w/762mm Radius)


Other sizes available , for more info please contact Liquimix sales office.


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