LiquiMix offers a variety of flooring options to suit different requirements and applications.

Using Tufflon-P80 on the floor is a great option for warehouses, factories, food processing plants, seafood processing plants or anywhere a durable, flexible, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant lining is required.

Our premium flooring range is Opalon-F90. This flooring was recently sprayed in the Tesla car showroom in Melbourne. Its finish is pearlescent, smooth, glossy and luxurious and completely colour fast with a range of solid or flake colours.

Our Aralox epoxy floor coatings are tough, durable and suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Opalon-F90's sister product, Opalon-W90 is perfect for waterproofing where a beautiful pearlescent, colour-fast finish is required (swimming pools, water features and more). Click here for more on our Opalon range.

Applications in flooring

  • Workshops and garages

  • Abattoirs / Seafood processing factories

  • Food processing factories

  • Commercial flooring applications

  • Residential flooring applications

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