Epoxy Resin - Water based, construction grade. Hydralox is a water based epoxy system designed for the building and civil construction industries. It is especially good for use on damp or green concrete, is solvent-free and cures well at low temperatures (100C) and high humidity (85%).

It also exhibits good anti-corrosive and  chemical resistance properties and shows high adhesion to both steel and concrete. Its consistency can be modified with the addition of tap water and it can be blended with sand and cement for render and patch repairs. Tools clean up in water.

Mix ratio: Resin:Hardener 1:2

Applications for Hydralox
Strengthens concrete surfaces
Priming for concrete
Can be used under polyurea or polyurethane
Treats rising damp
Waterproofing of concrete
Waterproofing of concrete blocks
Waterproofing of brick
Waterproofing of fibre cement sheeting, walls and floors
Can be mixed with renderfill/patchfill to make repair mortal, grout or render
Can be coloured with suitable oxide powders
Excellent adhesion to wet or dry surfaces including freshly poured concrete
Seals concrete surfaces eliminating pinholes caused by 'outgassing'
Excellent for use over timber and FC sheet
Resistant to inorganic acids, alkalis, water and all hydrocarbon based solvents

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