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Transport and Marine

Transport and Marine

The Transport and Marine industries require durable solutions that are easy to apply, set quickly and allows fast return to work.

Tipper trucks in both the mining and transport industries are put to work with rocks and rough materials being dumped in and out of their tippers all day. Tipper truck linings must be slippery so as to easily expel materials when they are tipped, preventing the dangerous possibility whereby the truck becomes top-heavy and possibly tip over when the tipper is lifted.

Tufflon-D60 is our transport-grade polyurea, providing a perfectly seamless, abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant, smooth and flexible finish in steel applications. 

This hard-wearing polyurea protects against corrosion and has a hardness scale of 60 Shore D. 

For Ute trays where some grip is beneficial, different techniques and/or additives can be used to personalise the finish of the lining. 

Applications include:

  • Mining, landscaping, transport

  • Tipper lining

  • Ute Tray lining

  • Catamaran Decking

  • Non-slip coating for boating 'wet' areas including stairs

  • Lining of trailers, horse floats, cattle trucks etc


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