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Tufflon-P80 is a two-component, spray-applied, pure-polyurea elastomer coating that is softer than both Tufflon-P90 and Tufflon-D60 and exhibits less shrinkage and faster development of full strength.

Of the Tufflon range, it has the longest history of use throughout Australia and New Zealand and exhibits a uniform and even spray pattern when applied through Graco Reactor equipment and Fusion gun.

Most polyurea products shrink by about 1% within the first 30 minutes of application and take up to 8 hours to develop high strength. Tufflon-P80 shrinks by only 0.5% and toughens up much faster, making it particularly suitable for use on substrates with high expected movement within the first 8 hours of application such as geofabric and rooftop expansion joints. Where other polyureas can be torn apart, Tufflon-P80 withstands the stresses involved during the initial shriking on geofabric and expansion joints.

MIX RATIO 1:1 with Graco high-pressure, heated, impingement-mix, equipment
HARDNESS 80 (Shore A)
ABRASION 50 (mg lost)
TENSILE 16.5 (MPa)
TEAR 4.9 (MPa)
Other Information
  • Australian made under ISO9001
  • Samples retained of each batch made
  • All drums topped with Nitrogen to protect from moisture
  • Protects against H2S, H2SO4, Chlorine and many other chemicals
  • High elasticity and strength - continuous seamless lining resists tearing, delamination, puncturing - stretches to accommodate cyclical movement - bridges hairline stress-cracks in concrete
Typical Uses
  • Concrete and Steel - protects against corrosion and wear
  • Sewage and Water assets - protect surfaces against chemical attack and abrasion - 20 - 40 year service life
  • Lagoon and Pond lining - resists chlorine and sea water - prevents leaks
  • Waterproofing - commercial and civil roof tops, planter boxes, podiums etc
  • Chemical storage area bunding - prevents against chemical attack and leaks
  • Heavy vehicle tipper, rail car and marine lining - resists abrasion, corrosion & impact
  • Ideal for use with Geofabric for where minimal substrate preparation and durable, impenetrable barrier is required
  • Steel panel water tank lining



Features of Tufflon-P80:

  • Bridges hairline concrete cracks

  • Chemical resistant

  • Permanently elastomeric

  • Smooth and seamless easy-clean lining

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Will not flake, peel or blister


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