Tufflon® a proven solution for secondary containment

Secondary containment (or chemical bunds) are a necessary precautionary measure to protect against spillage of hazardous liquids into the environment. 

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends all tanks containing liquids (except rainwater) be fitted with a secondary containment in order to prevent hydrocarbons or chemicals from contaminating the ground underneath and the surrounding environment. These tanks might contain cleaning chemicals, caustic soda, fuel or oil and be found in multiple industries and workplaces including mining, farming, office buildings, manufacturing, service stations, food manufacturing, mechanics, council depots, fast food outlets and more.

Chemical bunds take on all shapes and sizes, therefore a spray-on lining is the most effective way to create a watertight seal without seams, cracks or joints.

Tufflon®, a thick-film, spray-on lining that sets in seconds and allows for next-day return to service is the answer. Tufflon® remains permanently elastomeric, allowing for subtle changes in the substrate without peeling, flaking or cracking. Tufflon® can be applied to many different substrates such as concrete, asphalt, compacted road base, clay, and damaged or previously failed linings.

Chemical bunds take on all shapes and sizes and often have protruding pipes, footings and other fittings. Tufflon tightly and neatly seals around such protrusions ensuring the integrity of the bund. While HDPE is often used to line large bunded areas, it will not seal as well around fittings and protrusions. In addition, Tufflon will not buckle in the sun as HDPE does. Tufflon is the most effective way to create a continuous watertight seal without joins, seams, cracks or joints and will continue to perform for up to 30 years.

For Flammable environments, Tufflon® is available in, anti-static (AS) and fire-retardant (FR) grades, both of which have been tested and certified.

Concrete is subject to thermal changes throughout the regular course of the day, expanding and contracting, therefore it is essential that any lining be elastomeric to cope with these changes.

Tufflon® bridges hairline cracks, is resistant to impact and abrasion and is highly resistant to chemical attack - making it the ideal choice in particular for caustic soda bunds - found in mining, wastewater and commercial industries.

Pictured right: A caustic soda bund lining before and after application with Tufflon® polyurea.

Pictured below: A caustic soda bund before, during and after application with Tufflon® polyurea.

Chemical Containment Bund before lining with Tufflon-P80 Polyurea
Chemical Containment Bund after being lined with Tufflon-P80 Polyurea

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