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Vapour Abrasive Blast

Vapour Abrasive Blast

EcoQuip's amazing new technology is unlike any other so called "Dustless" abrasive blast equipment. After having seen the two videos above look at competitive videos online and notice the difference.

EcoQuip has redefined how Vapour Blasting is delivered with their state-of-the-art equipment and blast pots pressurised hydraulicly. Because of this and other unique and patented features, the delivery of abrasive medium and vapour through the blast nozzle is smooth and even with no surging or gulping. Using less than 1 litre of water per minute and half the abrasive, EcoQuip still manages to deliver more energy on impact, resulting in the fast removal of heavy rust and old, thick coatings. Due to its rugged design, simple controls and reliable operation, EcoQuip is the preferred choice for contractors and hire companies around the world. Any abrasive heavier than water such as Garnet, Crushed Glass or Walnut Shell can be used.

Built by Graco with their legendary quality, blast pots are uniquely coated inside and out, frames and many fittings are made of stainless steel and controls and valves are of the highest quality. These units are rugged and reliable, ensuring years of trouble-free service.

Not only is the system fast and reliable but it also cleans the substrate and removes soluble salts from concrete and steel. Flash rust is easily prevented by adding LiquiMix's formulated StayBright directly to the water in the holding tank. StayBright is incredibly economical and is used at 0.5% with water (5ml per 1L of water). The EcoQuip range includes the large EQ600S, for fast industrial use, through to the compact and fully portable EQ100M for Graffiti removal and other smaller jobs. There's a unit to suit every application.


"Within a few minutes of seeing the new EcoQuip range, we knew this was exactly what the industry needed, something our abrasive blasting and protective coatings customers had been waiting a long time for." Neill Barrell, LiquiMix. 

"The minute I saw EcoQuip's vapour blaster working, I knew it was going to be a game changer. Now that I've used it for 10 days to remove heavy rust and thick epoxy, I've fallen in love with it." Comment from a leading Australian Mobile Abrasive Blasting contractor and typical of what we at LiquiMix often hear.


Technical Files

Brochure - Ecoquip 349632

Graco's Vapour Abrasive Blasting equipment allows both FAST and AGGRESSIVE removal of heavy epoxy coatings and rust...with no dust...reduced abrasive...and using less than 1 litre of water per minute. It can also be gentle enough to remove graffiti without damaging the substrate.

Video of Chlorinated Rubber being removed from swimming Pool - Coating removal in swimming pool Brisbane 2014

Video of removal of heavy rust and epoxy removal Tamworth 2014 - Heavy rust and epoxy removal Tamworth 2014

EcoQuip 600s

EcoQuip 600s

The EQ600S is a high-production, stand-alone unit that attaches to any 375 - 600 cfm air compressor. It has the ability to blast from 30~140 psi. This unit comes with...
EcoQuip 300S

EcoQuip 300S

Manuals EcoQuip 300S Operation, Repair & Parts Manual Features of EcoQuip 300S: Related Products: Tufflon P90 Tufflon D60 Hybron W90 Tufflon JF90 Elaston W80 Tufflon P80 Tufflon P90AS Elaston PL75...
EcoQuip 100m

EcoQuip 100M

The Newest Innovation in Vapor Abrasive Blasting Equipment Through countless hours of research, engineering and testing, Graco has made an abrasive blast system faster than dry blasting, easier to use,...
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