Vapour Abrasive Blast

LiquiMix offers a variety of vapour blaster machines for sale from Graco’s EcoQuip® vapour abrasive blasting equipment range. EcoQuip® has redefined how vapour blasting is delivered with their state-of-the-art equipment and hydraulically-pressurised blast pots. Because of their unique and patented features, the delivery of abrasive medium and vapour through the blast nozzle is smooth and even with no surging or gulping. Using less than 1 litre of water per minute and just half the abrasive of a standard vapour blasting machine, EcoQuip® delivers greater energy on impact, resulting in the fast removal of heavy rust and old, thick coatings. Contact LiquiMix to learn more.

EcoEquip 2 Abrasive Blast Equipment Graco

EcoQuip 2 EQp

The EcoQuip 2 EQp is a portable, powerful blasting equipment. Prepping a surface can be challenging and time consuming, especially if you are removing layers of paint or other coating...
EcoQuip 2 EQm Abrasive Blast Equipment from Graco

EcoQuip 2 EQm

Compact, fully portable entry-level unit. The built-in hand truck with over-sized wheels makes the EQm easy to move around the jobsite. Don't let the size fool you, this compact blaster...
EcoQuip 2 EQs Elite Graco Abrasive Blast Equipment

EcoQuip 2 EQs Elite

The EcoQuip 2 EQs Elite is built for contractors that want the best. Equipped with a stainless steel crash frame and enclosure, hose rack, step, media strainer, water dose valve...

Why EcoQuip® Vapour Blasting Equipment?

With its rugged design, simple controls and reliable operation, EcoQuip® is the preferred choice for vapour blasting contractors and equipment hire companies worldwide. Any abrasive heavier than water, such as garnet, crushed glass or walnut shell, can be used with these innovative, industry-leading vapour blaster machines.

Built by industry leaders Graco, EcoQuip® blast pots are uniquely coated inside and out, with the frames and fittings made of stainless steel and the controls and valves of the highest quality. These units are the most rugged and reliable vapour blaster machines for sale on the market, ensuring years of trouble-free service.

Not only is the system fast and reliable, but it also cleans the substrate and removes soluble salts from concrete and steel. Flash rust is easily prevented by adding LiquiMix's formulated StayBright directly to the water in the holding tank. StayBright is incredibly economical and is used at 0.5% with water (5ml per 1L of water). The EcoQuip® vapour blasting machine range includes the large EQ600S for fast industrial use through to the compact and fully portable EQ100M for graffiti removal and other smaller jobs. There's a unit to suit every application — why not contact LiquiMix today to discuss your requirements today?


ay-Bright is a liquid rust inhibitor used primarily for preventing flash rusting of steel parts and surfaces between manufacturing or coating operations. It is a clear, pale yellow liquid used at low concentrations in water and suitable for use with EcoQuip vapour-abrasive blasting equipment as well as ultra-high-pressure water-blasting.

Used in the main supply or wash-down water it prevents flash rusting of iron and steel surfaces for up to 7-days prior to the application of protective coatings.


Soluble in water
● Effective protection of parts and surfaces for up to 7-days of ordinary indoor storage
● Does not leave an oily film on metal surfaces
● Will not interfere with the adhesion of subsequent protective coatings
● Zero solvent - Zero VOC’s – Non-Flammable
● Low odour
● Economical – low concentration of 10 ml of StayBright per 1L of water will give maximum protection
● Tolerant of extreme temperature, humidity, dew point.
● Helps remove soluble salts from steel surfaces
● Will not stain parts
● Does not interfere with painting, phosphating or crack detection tests