About Us    Established – 1980   Incorporated – 1993

Liquimix is run by a team of experienced professionals with many years of service in the chemical, construction and remediaton industries. As a manufacturer and distributor of Tufflon polyurea, Aralox and Aqualox civil-grade epoxies and associated Graco plural-component spray equipment, Liquimix works closely with its Suppliers, Certified Independant Applicators, Civil Engineers, Project Managers and Asset Owners to deliver safe, predictable and accountable outcomes. The company delivers protective coating, concrete remediation and waterproofing products to suit Civil, Construction, Transport and Mining projects.

“At Liquimix my staff and I are fully committed to ensuring your success, because we understand that governs our success. For all aspects of the work you do with our range of products and equipment we are there to offer you support on a continuing basis 24/7. With our own expertise and working closely with our suppliers we are able to draw upon a vast resource of chemists, engineers and experienced project managers in order to give you the best chance of success in each of your projects. We strive to be your first point of contact for any assistance you may require. I welcome you to become a part of our business and consider it a privilige to work alongside you for the long term…”  Neill Barrell – Managing Director

Driven by a strong focus on safety, the environment and quality, the Tufflon range of pure-polyurea and Aralox epoxies contain no VOC’s, are safe to use and have a well-proven track record. The manufacturing facility in Melbourne is accredited by Loyds to AS/NZS ISO-9001-2008. Testing and continuing R&D are conducted in NATA recognised laboratories with free technical support for Liquimix customers.

Liquimix Pty Ltd – Incorporated 1993 (ABN: 32 062 887 585)

Managing Director: Neill James Barrell

Business Activities: Supply throughout Australia, NZ, Fiji, PNG and Sri-Lanka of Tufflon polyurea, Aralox, Civilox and Aqualox epoxy resins, Graco plural-component spray equipment, EcoQuip EQ600S Vapour Abrasive Blasting and various other associated industrial and construction chemicals.
Head Office: 24 Rosa Place Richlands 4077 QLD 


PO Box 108, Brisbane Market, Qld 4106

Contact: (07) 3277 6655



Fax: (07) 3009 0558


Supply is made throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia (including Sri-Lanka).

The products are warehoused in Brisbane and Melbourne.