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A rainy day. Bring your umbrella!

A rainy day. Bring your umbrella!

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Don't get soaked.

Don’t get soaked.

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Driven by a strong focus on quality, our highly-qualified team of chemists work to meet the changing demands of construction chemicals in civil, mining, transport, construction and marine industries.  

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As a proud Australian family-owned company, our products are manufactured by our team of specialised chemists and trained technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

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Every product from our range has been tested and complies with the appropriate Australian standards. Quality assurance and product performance are of utmost importance.

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From our sales team through to technical support and training programs, LiquiMix strives for customer satisfaction with a focus on the highest quality results - whatever your project!  

Learn how LiquiMix can achieve results for your next project.