Australasian Corrosion Association – Extending the Life of Concrete and Steel Assets

Finding new ways to combat corrosion is always at the forefront for the Australasian Corrosion Association.

LiquiMix was recently invited to speak at the ACA meeting in Auckland - to discuss the role of polyurea in extending the life of concrete and steel assets.

Bryant Wells, Technical Development Manager at LiquiMix, presented the pros and cons of various linings and protective coatings systems for protecting steel and concrete assets against corrosion.

Bryant Wells is NACE 3 certified with decades of experience inspecting and developing various coatings systems.

Such issues as chemical resistance, common complications with polyurea and ensuring the polyurea lining is applied properly were addressed during his 40-minute presentation and afterwards in a Q&A.

Presenting in Auckland, New Zealand presented the perfect platform to discuss the unique properties of pure polyurea performing even in damp and cold conditions.

Polyurea Presentation Extending the Life of Concrete and Steel Assets
Bryant Wells ACA Presentation Auckland
ACA Meeting Auckland 2019
From Left to Right: Tim Lennox of PFP Systems, Wayne Thomson of PFP Systems, Neill Barrell of LiquiMix and Bryant Wells of LiquiMix at the Australasian Corrosion Association Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand March 2019

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