Abrasion Resistant Coating

Date of Project
June 2022
Substrate Material
Mild Steel
Type of Asset
Thickener Tank



Protective coatings are a simple yet effective way to prevent the corrosion of steel from proceeding by removing oxygen from the steel surface and preventing the oxidation of steel. If steel isn't protected, the abrasive materials in the cargo will cause wear, resulting in metal loss that can cause structural damage to steel mining assets. Mining equipment requires abrasion-resistant protective coatings; the common solution is to apply an abrasive-resistant polyurea at a high dry film thickness in one application, which protects the steel from corrosion and wear in high abrasive processes.

This case study is about the application of a pure polyurea, Tufflon P90, to Rake Arm and Rake Arm Components in the thickener tank. Tufflon P90 will provide a strong, abrasion and chemical resistant lining for the steel components with the service conditions of an abrasive environment and the corrosive nature of the chemicals contained in the thickener tank. Tufflon P90 provides a smooth and seamless protective coating that sets in seconds, allowing a rapid return to service. Tufflon P90 protects cargo from any contamination coming from the steel walls and also protects the steel walls from chemical attack coming from the cargo. Tufflon P90 is permanently elastomeric, meaning it will stretch with the movement of the tank and return to its original form.

The Rake Arm and Rake Arm Components in the thickener tank had previously been subject to high abrasive wear by the abrasive slurry. The operation of the rake arms is a mechanical movement through an abrasive cargo that is very wearing on protective coatings. The Tufflon P90 smooth surface finish, and high abrasion resistance will result in an increased service life. Therefore, Tufflon P90, a spray polyurea elastomer, was applied to protect the asset from corrosion and abrasion.

With an expected service life of 4 years, the solution worked efficiently and effectively and is still performing at a high quality level. The general recommendations for future projects are to use Tufflon P90's high build and abrasion-resistant characteristics to protect steel assets in the mining industry. The ease of application and speed at which polyurea can be constructed to exceptionally high DFT, makes Tufflon P90 uniquely positioned to solve maintenance problems related to the protection of steel involved in highly abrasive mining processes.