Crackshot-130 stops water from leaking through cracks in concrete walls and into below-ground car parks, basements, tunnels, retaining walls, dam walls and other sites. It works by quickly reacting with water to expand into a tough, flexible and dense foam that blocks the leak permanently. The system involves drilling holes at an angle into the concrete to intersect the crack or joint at strategically located points.

A "packer" (seen protruding from the wall in the photo below) is then inserted and tightened into the hole. Crackshot-130 is pumped, under pressure, into the packer where it penetrates deep into the concrete to react with water and quickly expand to form a tough, long-lasting gel that stops leaks. Results are seen almost immediately.

Often it is impossible to get to the positive side of the wall to apply traditional waterproofing membranes. In such situations, if traditional waterproofing membranes are applied to the negative side to try and prevent leaks, the head and pressure of water can push them off. Because Crackshot-130 is injected into the structure of the concrete it can't be pushed off and provides an effective and permanent solution.

Read the TDS and MSDS prior to use.

Crackshot-130 is made in Australia under ISO 9001 and is safe for use in contact with drinking water (complies with AS4020).



SDS - CRACKSHOT-130 (will be available soon)