The introductory package

This complete "starter" package has everything you need to stop water leaking from cracks in concrete. It includes the latest Graco air-operated pump, 5L of Crackshot-150 and twenty high-quality steel Injection Packers. With legendary Graco reliability, the Merkur pump only needs a small amount of compressed air to operate and contains premium, stainless steel, high-pressure fittings, making it easy and safe to use.

The CRACKSHOT-150 repair system

Crackshot-150 is a single-component, hydrophilic, safe-to-use, MDI-based, polyurethane that when pumped into concrete cracks that are leaking, quickly reacts with the water to expand and seal the leaks. It remains flexible and is not resoluble in water, making it a permanent solution. It has been tested in Australia and passed AS4020 making it safe for contact with drinking water. With a long and successful history of use, Crackshot-150 is recommended for projects in civil, construction, mining and more.

The LiquiMix modified Merkur pump made by Graco

The air-driven, Merkur pump will run all day pumping Crackshot-150 with easy and seamless control over the liquid pressure up to 3,000 psi. Made by Graco, this latest generation positive displacement pump uses less solvent for flushing and reduces pulsation.

High-pressure Steel Injection Packers

Liquimix stocks the steel Injection Packers in 8mm, 10mm and 13mm diameters with 10mm being the most popular. Once the appropriately sized hole (8mm, 10mm or 13mm) is drilled the steel Injection Packer is inserted and tightened to form a seal. Drill the holes either side of the crack at an angle of 45 degrees to intersect the crack halfway through the concrete. The spacing between holes varies depending on the extent of the leaks but can be as close as 100mm. Using the Merkur pump, Crackshot-150 is pumped through the Injection Packer into the concrete where it reacts with moisture and water to stop leaks within 3 minutes.

Why do you need to buy this package?

The Merkur pump allows precise control over the inlet air-pressure which ensures consistent liquid pressure and flow. This package represents a 35% discount off the standard pricing and is a great way to enter the market. The only extra piece of equipment you'll need is a small, 240 volt, portable air-compressor capable of producing 100 psi at 10 cfm.

LiquiMix modified Merkur pump with the best high-pressure fittings, couplers and valves, makes it the ultimate, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, Crackshot-150 injection pump.

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Application and Training

With the right tools, injecting Crackshot-150 is a simple 3-step process. This diagram shows how the packers work inside a leaking crack.

  1. Drill either 8mm, 10mm or 13mm holes into the concrete on alternating sides of the crack and at an angle of 45 degrees to intersect the crack halfway through the thickness of the concrete. The distance between holes depends on the amount of water leaking out of the crack and the extent of the crack. In general, the holes can be as close as 100mm apart.
  2. Push the rubber end of packer into the drilled hole and tighten the body with a spanner so the rubber expands and seals the packer inside the concrete.
  3. Connect your coupler to the packer nipple and start pumping the Crackshot-150 using the LiquiMix modified Merkur pump. Stop pumping when you see Crackshot-150 oozing out of the crack. Within a couple of minutes, it will start reacting with moisture and water inside the crack and expand to create a permanent and watertight seal.

See the short video below for 3 minutes set up and instructions.

Please Note: Comprehensive full training included with purchase. 

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