Decorative Steel Applications


There are many applications in construction, mining, transport or civil industries where steel assets require protection. Usually these are steel assets which endure extreme conditions, whether that is high abrasion and impact, chemical attack or permanent immersion. Protecting these steel assets correctly avoids corrosion, protects contents (in the case of permanent immersion) and extends the life of the steel.

Liquimix recommends one Steel application system in particular as it has great aesthetic qualities and excellent UV-resistant qualities. Metalox-GC450 Epoxy and Opalon-S30 Polyaspartic together, provide a very high durability and long-lasting, vibrant colour with high gloss retention.

C2 - C5 Durability Systems

System 1 : C2 Very High Durability

Metalox-GC450 : 125μm

Opalon-S30 : 75μm

Total System DFT : 200μm


System 2 : C3 Very High Durability

Metalox-GC450 : 175μm

Opalon-S30 : 75μm

Total System DFT : 250μm

System 3 : C4 Very High Durability

Metalox-GC450 : 225μm

Opalon-S30 : 75μm

Total System DFT : 300μm


System 4 : C5 Very High Durability

Metalox-GC450 : 160μm

Metalox-GC450 : 160μm

Opalon-S30 : 80μm

Total System DFT : 400μm


**Contact Liquimix for an appropriate anticorrosive system. Liquimix products should not be used without consulting the SDS and TDS as published on the Liquimix website first.


Opalon-S30 is a very high 80% volume solids elastomeric, glossy coloured polyaspartic coating that is tough, fast curing and low VOC. It is normally applied over Liquimix epoxy coatings, polyurethane sealers or other polyaspartic coatings for aesthetic reasons to produce a beautiful, durable, decorative UV-resistant topcoat. 

Intended uses of Opalon-S30 Include:

  • Commercial, Industrial, Residential flooring and walls
  • Food processing plants flooring and walls
  • Hospital flooring and walls
  • Decorative topcoat for protective coatings on steel structures
  • Topcoat for high value infrastructure
  • Topcoat for Bridges
  • Topcoat for mining structures



Metalox-GC450 is a two-component, high build 100% solids, surface-tolerant epoxy, designed for concrete and steel surfaces for atmospheric and immersion service. Metalox-GC450 has outstanding water and anti-corrosion resistance.

Intended uses of Metalox-GC450 Include:

  • Single or two coat anti-corrosive coating for steel structures
  • Industrial Floors
  • Bridges
  • Piping
  • Pulp and paper
  • Galvanised Iron

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