Non-woven Geotextile for use with Tufflon P80 polyurea

Geotuff GTS 500 is an Australian made, non-woven, staple fibre geotextile, specifically manufactured for Liquimix. Optimum thickness, weight, strength and surface profile ensures the best outcome when used with Tufflon-P80 polyurea to form a tough, impenetrable, monolithic and permanently elastomeric lining that seals over impossible substrates such as dirt, sand, clay, road base and broken concrete etc.

Geotuff GTS 500 has been heat treated on one side to minimise “fluffing” during installation which minimises “wicking” and guarantees high bond strength with Tufflon-P80. Unlike HDPE, the Geotuff / Tufflon P80 system won’t buckle during the heat of the day, thereby reducing trip hazards and improving aesthetics. Of the Tufflon range, P80, with its unique fast early cure and negligible shrinkage is the polyurea of choice for use with Geotuff GTS 500.


  • For use with Tufflon-P80 polyurea applied to the heat-sealed, smoother side
  • Secondary containment (bunding) both chemical and petroleum storage facilities where difficult substrates are encountered
  • For use around protrusions such as pipes, support legs, stands and difficult angles and compound curves where HDPE would struggle to offer a tight seal.
  • Ponds where the system conforms easily to complex shapes and curves. Safe for use with fish and plants.
  • Open drains and culverts, especially where complex shapes make it difficult to use HDPE
  • Geotuff GTS 500 can be pre-sprayed with Tufflon P80 either at the site or in a factory and the panels installed and joined using Tufflon P80 to form a seamless lining. This method is particularly useful for difficult access areas
  • Liquimix offers Application Guidelines and Specifications for many different Intended Uses



Geotuff GTS 500 is available in various widths and lengths to suit each application. Typically can be supplied in 2m, 4m or 6m widths and in 50m, 100m, 250m lengths. Smaller widths and lengths are better for small, complex areas. Larger widths and lengths are better for large open areas.

Features of Geotuff GTS 500

  • Good thermal stability resists expansion and contraction. This feature prevents the lining from buckling in hot weather

  • Easy to pin and secure to any substrate using proven Liquimix design

  • Top side heat sealed to reduce “fluffing” during installation and ensure high Tufflon P80 adhesion

  • Easily joined using Tufflon-P80 to form an invisible join and seamless, monolithic lining that won’t split or crack

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