It was great to see so many clients throughout the day for the Graco Trade Day at LiquiMix. With demonstrations on the most popular equipment used in protective coatings and surface preparation.

LiquiMix Service Manager, Andrew Ross, demonstrated the Graco XP spray proportioner using Civilox® Civil Grade Epoxy. The XP Sprayer is ideal for applying epoxies, with on-ratio application and excellent spray quality. See a video here of the Graco XP Sprayer in action using Civilox® on a recent project.

Andrew discussed how the XP Sprayer is essential for larger scale jobs to avoid issues with pot life, particularly in hot environments. Smooth and even application of Civilox® is even more achievable using this equipment, particularly over uneven and irregular surfaces such as inside shipping containers or areas with lots of protrusions.

The XP Sprayer perfectly proportions the product at the gun before it is sprayed. Read more about our Civilox® Civil Grade Epoxy here.

Bryce J. Gapinski, Product Manager from Graco US, demonstrated the EcoQuip EQp Abrasive Blaster and discussed important safety features of the equipment while answering questions about features and practicability in various applications.

Australian Senior Business Development Manager for Graco, Glenn Tamone, was also present to answer questions and assist with showcasing the latest innovative technology from Graco.

Attendees were updated on the latest Graco Reactor 2 EXP2 technologies including the new Insite monitoring app, allowing for greater control of projects. The Reactor 2 EXP2 remains LiquiMix's preferred plural component proportioner for Tufflon® Pure Polyurea applications. Read more about the Reactor 2, EXP2 here.

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