Ground Stabilisation and Slab Lifting

Ground Stabilisation and Slab Lifting

Subsidence (when the ground sinks due to movement of underground materials/earth) is a serious issue for buildings - a big warning sign is a sinking concrete floor. If left untreated the condition will worsen, furthering the expense while causing other consequent damage.

Causes of subsidence are varying and can include droughts (where the earth contracts due to it being so dry), seismic activity, heavy traffic, machinery vibrations or excavation work, broken pipes and stormwater damage, mining, tree roots, erosion, poorly compacted soil and more which can result in displacement, movement and an altered condition of the earth.

This displacement will affect the structures built on top and can happen gradually over a long period of time, or  very rapidly in response to one of these many causes. A long-lasting solution is crucial and will involve re-levelling techniques using injection foam to stabilise the earth underneath.

Polyurethane foam is perfect for ground stabilisation due to its fast-cure, low price point, ease of injection and allows return to service much quicker than alternative methods.

Applications include

  • Slab lifting

  • Ground stabilisation

  • Repairs following natural disasters

  • Repairs on heritage buildings

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