Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

No other industry demonstrates the durability of Tufflon® better than mining - where constant impact, abrasion, chemicals and extreme conditions wear away and corrode expensive equipment fast. There are many mining applications where the tough, elastic, durable and corrosion-resistant properties of Tufflon® are put to the test. 

Tufflon-D60 is highly resistant to wear and corrosion and with its tenacious grip to almost any surface, will continue to protect expensive plant equipment for many years under extreme conditions. This includes extreme temperatures and exposure to heavy and abrasive loads of rock and gravel. 

Tufflon-P90AS is the anti-static version of Tufflon-P90. When rocks or gravel are dropped onto conveyor belts or truck tippers, they create static electricity, which combined with any flammable substance creates a potential for fire or explosions. Tufflon-P90AS is ideal to create a safe anti-static environment and protect against such dangers.

Tufflon® has shown to be an excellent alternative to the common rubber sheets often used to protect dump trucks and scoops. Tufflon® has excellent tear strength to stand up against impact, cut, gouging and abrasion. Being flexible, it also provides a cushioning effect but softening the kinetic energy from impact - extending the life of valuable mining equipment

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Preserving Mining Equipment with Tufflon®

In the rigorous world of mining, equipment faces constant impact, abrasion, and extreme conditions. Tufflon®, known for its durability, elasticity, and corrosion resistance, is an ideal solution for protecting valuable mining equipment. This includes vital components like conveyor belts, truck tippers, metal castings and vibrating screen decks.

Tufflon-D60: Wear and Corrosion Resistance

Tufflon-D60 stands out for its exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. With a tenacious grip on almost any surface, it ensures prolonged protection of mining equipment under extreme conditions, including varying temperatures and heavy loads of rock and gravel. This product's resilience makes it a preferred choice for high-wear mining equipment.

Tufflon-P90AS: Safety in Anti-Static Environments

In the mining store environment, static electricity is a common hazard, especially where flammable substances are present. Tufflon-P90AS, the anti-static version of Tufflon-P90, is specifically designed to mitigate this risk. It creates a safe anti-static environment, crucial for areas like conveyor belts where rocks and gravel can generate static electricity.

Tufflon®: A Superior Alternative in Mining

Tufflon® has proven to be a superior alternative to common rubber sheets often used in mining stores in Australia. Its excellent tear strength and flexibility provide both protection against impacts, cuts, and abrasion, and a cushioning effect that extends the life of mining equipment.

Benefits of Tufflon® for Mining

Tufflon® offers numerous benefits for mine equipment, making it a reliable choice in the mining industry. These include:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Resistance to flaking, cracking, peeling, or blistering
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Permanent elasticity
  • Options for slip or non-slip finishes

Wide-Ranging Mining Applications

Tufflon® is versatile and can be applied in various mining applications, such as:

  • Anti-static coatings for safety
  • Protection for vibrating screen decks and bowls
  • Enhancing coal mine wash plants
  • Durable truck mining tippers
  • Coating for spiral chutes and hopper bins
  • Solutions for bunded areas (secondary containment)
  • Protective coatings for mine loading pads and conveyor belts

Complementing Mining Solutions with Liquimix Products

Alongside Tufflon®, Liquimix offers a range of products like polyaspartic floor coating, render filler, and polyurethane products. These complement our mining solutions by providing additional protective coatings and maintenance options for various surfaces and equipment in the mining industry.

For durable and reliable solutions in the mining industry, look no further than Liquimix's Tufflon®. Our range of products is designed to withstand the toughest mining conditions, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your mining equipment. Explore our range and discover how Liquimix can enhance your mining operations.

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Benefits of TUFFLON® for Mining

  • Highly abrasion resistant

  • Impact resistant

  • Chemical resistant

  • Excellent adhesion

  • Will not flake, crack, peel or blister

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Permanently elastomeric

  • Slip or non-slip finish

Mining applications

  • Anti-static coatings

  • Vibrating screen decks / bowls

  • Coal mine wash plants

  • Truck mining tippers

  • Spiral chutes

  • Mine hopper bins

  • High-wear equipment

  • Bunded areas (secondary containment)

  • Mine loading pads

  • Mine conveyor belts

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