LiquiMix delivers industry-leading polyaspartic products that revolutionise the way flooring contractors, construction companies and asset owners across Australia do business. Our range of high-performance polyaspartic polyurea floor coating solutions currently include Opalon-F45 and Opalon-W90 (for use with the Tufflon® or Elaston® series of pure polyurea), two polyaspartic products with benefits that make them the right choice for a variety of coating applications.

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20L metal pail pack


OPALON POLYASPARTIC FLOORING Opalon 90% solids polyaspartic offers attractive, colour-fast flooring with either solid colours or coloured flake or glass finishes. Developed and manufactured by LiquiMix, this latest generation technology...
20L metal pail pack


  Opalon-W45 is a 100% solids, two-component Polyaspartic coating with outstanding properties. Opalon-W45 clear topcoat is fast-curing with foot traffic allowed after just 2 hours. Opalon Clear Topcoat can be...

Polyaspartic Product Range Features

Opalon-F45 and Opalon-W90 are high-performance polyaspartic products with excellent colour-fast properties which make them an excellent choice for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications, especially as floor coatings. While each of these high-grade polyaspartic products is designed for different applications (see below), common product features include: 

  • Outstanding colour stability and retention — Won’t yellow or change colour 
  • Extremely durable, tough and hard-wearing — Won’t crack or chip 
  • Fast curing times — Ideal for single-day jobs 
  • Easy to apply — Can be applied with conventional airless spray or roller.


Opalon-F45 is the more versatile of the two polyaspartic products and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as commercial, food processing, industrial or residential flooring, as well as permanent immersion applications, such as swimming pools. Both Opalon-F45 and Opalon-W90 can be used as a topcoat over the Tufflon® or Elaston® series of pure polyurea, which forms part of the Elastopave trafficable waterproofing and protective coating system (polyaspartic polyurea floor coating commercial and garage floors). These high-performance polyaspartic products are both available in clear and a range of standard colours, as well as gloss or optional finish with increased surface friction. 

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