The dangers of top-heavy tipper trucks

Tipping or crushing accidents are very real dangers when working with dump trucks or trailers.

Most accidents involving a dump truck or trailer occur when emptying a load, when a bed is unexpectedly lowered or comes into contact with overhead power lines.

There is a real danger of the truck tipping over when emptying a load. When the truck bed is raised, the centre of gravity shifts, unless the contents slide out easily it’s a potentially fatal hazard.

Bed liners such as Tufflon-D60 are recommended to prevent this danger. Tufflon-D60 is super-smooth and seamless and stands up to abrasion and impact - perfect for heavy-duty loads such as rock and gravel.

This polyurea lining also flexes and moves with the substrate underneath, remaining permanently elastomeric while adhering with vice-like grip to the truck bed for many years.

As with all Tufflon polyureas, D60 is super tough with a hardness of 62 Shore D.

It is always recommended to know the limits of your dump truck and never overload it. Contents should be distributed evenly throughout the dump bed and if loading a material with less flow, be mindful to load with less content than usual and distribute towards the rear of the bed.

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