Bryant Wells, Technical Manager at LiquiMix, presented on the role of polyurea in protecting concrete and steel assets to ACA members at the Norman Hotel in Brisbane on Tuesday evening.

Recent years have proven that polyurea has a solid future in coatings for valuable assets in civil, wastewater, mining and chemical containment applications - however application needs to be carefully monitored to ensure these coatings perform well into the future.

Members raised concerns about polyurea, in particular pinholes and adhesion issues resulting from poor preparation and application.

LiquiMix works closely with approved applicators to ensure the Prepare, Prime, Protect method is adhered to with each application. Quality Assurance including customised asset specification, thorough applicator training, technical support and ITP's are critical to ensure a quality coating result with a life expectancy of 30+ years.

Bryant discussed applications where polyurea was not ideal and the many applications where polyurea outperforms epoxies and cementitious coatings.

The unique properties of polyurea including its permanent elasticity and extremely low vapour transmission rate mean it is unparalleled by other types of coating, providing the application is suitable.

Ideal applications for polyurea include wastewater and sewerage treatment facilities, potable water facilities, steel panel and concrete tanks and concrete bund lining. Steel applications with not too much 'shape' - for example a truck tipper lining - is also an ideal application where polyurea shines.

The importance of a pure polyurea versus those with unreacted diluents was discussed, with emphasis being on permanent-immersion applications (such as those in water facilities) requiring a pure polyurea to prevent blistering and failure of the lining.

Bryant explained how to check for and remedy polyurea defects and explained how the new generation of recommended spray equipment prevents off-ratio spraying by shutting down.

LiquiMix recommend and distribute Graco Plural Spray Reactors for its Tufflon and Elaston brand of pure polyureas.

Thank you to the ACA, members who attended and the Norman Hotel for hosting us, it was a great evening with valuable topics addressed, particularly through the many questions following the presentation.

Presentation from Technical Manager Bryant Wells Protecting Concrete and Steel Assets
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