PURL GP90 is a fully formulated polyol blend designed to react with Purl Part A to make general-purpose rigid polyurethane foam. The product has several uses i.e.

  • Discontinuous slabstock
  • Continuous slabstock
  • Flooring for portable buildings/housing
  • Expanding foam for pole setting


PURL GP90 is formulated with water as the blowing agent so has 0 ODP and 0 GWP.

Polyurethane rigid foams have a closed-cell structure and high crosslinking density give them the characteristics of good heat stability, high compressive strength and excellent insulation properties. PU insulation has a very low thermal conductivity, starting from as low as 0.017 W/m.K, making it one of the most effective insulants available today for a wide range of applications. All types of insulation can also play a role in improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Excellent thermal efficiency – leading to optimum energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions

  • Relatively low environmental impact at the building level – the product saves more than 100 times the energy than is used in its manufacture

  • Durability – leading to long term performance and reducing the need for replacement, therefore saving energy.


Purl GP90 TDS

PURL-GP90 PART A SDS (available soon)

PURL-GP90 PART B SDS (available soon)

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