Swell is a safe, biodegradable and non-volatile liquid that can be used for the softening and removal of cured polyurethane and polyurea, paint, epoxy, graffiti and industrial cleanup.

Unlike methylene chloride, Swell is safe to use, can be cleaned up with soap and water, is non-volatile and non-flammable.

When working with polyurea and epoxy, Swell is essential to keep gun parts clean. Immediately after cleanup, any material that is not removed by the Methylated Spirits can be soaked in SWELL. This  will soften any cured polyurea or epoxy which can then be easily cleaned away.

The use of plastic beetroot containers with removable baskets and clip on lids makes the job easier. As  soon as the Swell becomes cloudy replace it in order to retain maximum cleaning ability.

Applications for Swell
Use as a soaking chemical for cleaning gun parts
Removes polyurea overspray
Used as a 'keying' agent for old polyurea
Softens polyurea, epoxy and many other products


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