Technical support

Ensuring your polyurea project goes to plan is of utmost importance to us at LiquiMix. Polyurea application requires careful specification, preparation, priming and application to ensure a long-lasting coating that protects well into the future.

Too often, polyurea has received a bad name due to improper planning, preparation and poor techniques during application - however, when done properly, no other coating protects assets (particularly concrete assets) to the same standard as polyurea.

Technical Support is one branch of the Customer Support process that LiquiMix provides. Whether your upcoming project is a multi-million-dollar potable water reservoir or a sewerage treatment plant, secondary containment (bunded) area or a rooftop project, our Technical Support Team helps to ensure the asset is restored and preserved to the highest standard.

LiquiMix Technical Support Services are often engaged directly by the Asset owner, helping to ensure the best possible outcome for their project. Our support team can be engaged for on-site support, or we can work with you remotely.

Employing our Technical Support Team also ensures that LiquiMix can offer the highest possible product performance warranty.

Our methodologies for restoring and preserving these valuable assets are comprehensive, involving precise preparation techniques, application techniques and proper use of the plural spray equipment systems.

LiquiMix can support Applicators right through from specification of a project to application and completion. Our testing methods ensure the end result will likely provide a service life of 30 years or more.

As the largest distributor of Graco plural equipment in Australia, LiquiMix has a comprehensive repair centre and hire and sales showroom in Richlands, Queensland.

Our centre also offers regular training days, focused on application of product and use of the plural spray equipment. See here for our upcoming training days!

What does our Technical Support look like?

  • Ensures proper preparation of substrate

  • Ensures optimal use of the plural spray equipment

  • Ensures testing methods are applied throughout

  • Ensures defects are detected and remedied quickly

  • Ensures optimal warranty terms and period

LiquiMix Customer Support
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Driven by a strong focus on quality, our highly-qualified team of chemists work to meet the changing demands of construction chemicals in civil, mining, transport, construction and marine industries.  

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As a proud Australian family-owned company, our products are manufactured by our team of specialised chemists and trained technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

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Every product from our range has been tested and complies with the appropriate Australian standards. Quality assurance and product performance are of utmost importance.

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From our sales team through to technical support and training programs, LiquiMix strives for customer satisfaction with a focus on the highest quality results - whatever your project!