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Water Tank Liner Solutions by Liquimix

Tank refurbishment and lining - both steel panel / welded tanks and concrete tanks are perfectly suited to Tufflon range of products - the proven performer for permanent immersion.

Chemical resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as chlorine, diesel, copper sulphate, hydraulic oil, sodium chloride and many more.

Tufflon is Australia's most trusted polyurea for permanent and long-term immersion in water.

Why should you trust Tufflon-P90 over other similar polyurea products?

  1. Because it's a proven performer. With a proven track record over years of permanent immersion. No other polyurea has such a long and trusted history of use.
  2. It's AS/NZS 4020-2018 approved for use with potable water as tested by the Australian water quality Centre.
  3. It has a very low water absorption rate compared to other polyurea products and this helps resist osmosis.
  4. Tufflon is a pure polyurea and we won't allow nonreactive diluents or extenders to be used in its formulation.
  5. Tufflon system comes with a unique and proven methods for preparing concrete and steel tanks prior to lining.
  6. These methods guarantee high adhesion and virtually eliminate the root cause of delamination or osmosis by removing soluble salts that can draw water one way through the membrane.

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Understanding Tank Lining with Tufflon Range of Pure Polyurea

Tank refurbishment and lining are essential services that can be completed withLiquimixTufflon Polyurea, focusing on both steel panel / welded tanks and concrete tanks. Tufflon range stands out as the optimal choice for permanent immersion, offering exceptional chemical resistance and durability. This makes it an ideal concrete water tank liner and concrete water tank sealer, as well as a potable water tank liner.

The Superiority of Tufflon for Water Tank Liners

Why choose Tufflon over other polyurea products for your tank lining needs? This product's reliability comes from its proven performance and long-term durability in permanent immersion settings. Trusted for years, Tufflon's record in water tank liners is unmatched, ensuring that your tank's integrity is maintained over time.

Potable Water Tank Liner: Safe and Reliable

Safety is paramount when it comes to potable water tank liners. Tufflon excels in this area, being AS/NZS 4020-2018 approved for use with potable water. This certification ensures that the water remains safe for consumption, making it a trusted choice in residential and commercial applications.

Water Absorption and Osmosis Resistance

One of the unique advantages of Tufflon as a concrete water tank liner is its low water absorption rate. This property significantly reduces the risk of delamination or osmosis, which can compromise the lining integrity. By choosing Tufflon, you ensure a long-lasting and resilient tank lining solution.

Liquimix's Approach to Tank Lining Preparation

At Liquimix, we don't just make liners; we design systems that include surface preparation to ensure the highest adhesion and longevity of the membrane. Our unique preparation methods for concrete and steel tanks set the stage for the successful application of Tufflon.

Chemical Bunding and Mining Equipment Protection

Beyond water tanks, Tufflon's versatility extends to chemical bunding and mining equipment. Its robust chemical resistance makes it a reliable solution for protecting mining equipment from harsh conditions and ensuring safe containment in chemical bunding applications.

Trafficable Waterproof Membrane: A Multipurpose Solution

Tufflon's application isn't limited to tank lining; it also serves as an effective trafficable waterproof membrane. This feature makes it suitable for areas that require both waterproofing and the ability to withstand foot or vehicle traffic, offering a comprehensive protective solution.

Liquimix's Tufflon range stands as a top-tier solution for water tank liners, concrete tank liners, and potable water tank liners. Its proven track record, chemical resistance, and low water absorption rate make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including chemical bunding and mining equipment protection. Choose Liquimix for reliable, high-performance tank lining solutions.

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Benefits of Tufflon / Elaston for tanks

  • Potable water approved

  • Smooth / seamless finish

  • Permanently elastomeric

  • Easy to clean, light-coloured finish

  • Chemical resistant

  • Will not flake, peel, crack or blister

Tank lining applications

  • Steel panel tank lining

  • Concrete tank lining

  • Potable water tanks and facilities

  • Internal lining of concrete water reservoirs

  • Aeration basins

  • Ponds and lakes

  • Cattle station water trough and tank remediation

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