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  • Ease of application & fast return to service

  • Flexible & durable

  • Resistance to protrusions, a wide range of chemicals and solvents

  • Available in all AS2700 colours

  • Protects assets against abrasion, corrosion & environmental factors

  • UV-Stable - won't flake or peel over time

20 years of

Supporting Specifiers, Applicators, Project Managers & Architects

Liquimix is your protective coating partner from start to finish. We have a solid background and proven systems to help protect and extend the life of Australian Assets. With a sole focus on protective coatings, we also offer product recommendations, specifications, and continuous support. Liquimix offers equipment recommendations, supplies, and services alongside technical training as well as application training to ensure the stakeholders involved deliver quality work.

  • System Specifications
  • Product Recommendations
  • Provide full, comprehensive training on products and equipment
  • Hold your hand through the entire process; mobile support is also available
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Liquimix provides comprehensive GRACO training programs and trade days for all Reactor Equipment.

Training programs come complete with workbooks and access to our online knowledge centre. Additional training on polyurea application and our unique PREPARE, PRIME, PROTECT process is available NOW.


Liquimix offers the most durable, tough, and reliable products for various applications and a number of top coats for different purposes. Our products come in a system designed to suit various applications depending on the end product budget, colour requirements, manufacturer warranty, and your clients' aesthetic needs. Liquimix offers system specifications and surface preparation instructions to suit the material and the end product.

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Liquimix is the biggest Graco distributor in the southern hemisphere for the Plural range. We stock more Reactors and Pumps than any other distributor does, all around Australia and New Zealand. We are a three-time award-winning distributor with a walk-in spare part trade shop, a 24/7 online shop, and the best Graco certified service centre right here in the heart of Queensland. We do offer call-out services to customers all around Australia and New Zealand. So when you start with us, you will stay with us, as you will not need anybody else. Liquimix will look after you throughout your protective coating journey.

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Training is the part that we love the most, and we take it very seriously. Here is the journey: We start with a complementary product and equipment session. Then, our team will design a system based on your requirements and recommend equipment to suit the application. Once that is in place, you will receive complimentary equipment (operational) training to learn to operate the equipment and a free commissioning session with the technician who installs your equipment. From there, you can take your equipment and learn the application through internal test and trial applications, or you can attend our personalised surface preparation and application training designed to teach you everything you know about your applications. Liquimix's protective coating training will be tailored to your application and your requirements. We use your valuable time to teach you what you need to know to achieve the optimum outcome.

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Why Liquimix's Protective Coatings are the best in the business

When your clients have a project that costs anywhere from hundreds and thousands to millions of dollars, they expect nothing but the best for the asset. Similar products on the market may be good, but good isn't enough for Liquimix. We strive for excellence. Here are a few examples of why Liquimix's Protective Coatings are what you need for your business. 

Our Top Picks for Protective Coatings...

Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance | Coming in several grades, each suited to a particular application, Liquimix's Tufflon pure polyurea range is made for all heavy-duty applications. It has been specified widely throughout Australian Assets, with proven life extension. The entire range of polyurea products shows high resistance to strong alkalis, abrasion, corrosion, and damage from harsh UV. With outstanding adhesion properties, withstanding temperatures of up to 240 degrees, depending on the particular product, allowing hot asphalt to be applied directly over it, and a combination of flexibility and toughness, Liquimix's polyurea systems accommodate movement in any substrate without cracking or debonding. Outstanding features lead to outstanding results. The Liquimix pure polyurea range is our protective coating of choice.

Steel Protection | Specifically designed for protecting steel structures. It has been specified widely to protect steel assets against corrosion in C1 - C5 environments. It will adhere to preexisting paint surfaces, can be applied directly to steel, and has outstanding chemical and water resistance. It is highly durable, has little time to be affected by environmental factors, and will provide long-lasting performance to ensure steel assets are in their best shape indefinitely.

Aesthetic Finishes | Polyaspartic is the topcoat of choice for all internal and external assets. It can be applied to commercial, industrial, and residential flooring and walls, as well as food processing plants and hospital flooring and walls. It can also be applied as a decorative, UV-stable topcoat for protective coatings on steel structures, high-value infrastructure, bridges, and mining structures. It has excellent UV resistance, providing long-lasting aesthetic performance.

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Metalox-GC450 Epoxy | 125 - 200µm

Metalox-GC450 Epoxy | 180 - 250µm

Opalon-S30 Polyaspartic | 60 - 100µm

Dreamworld, Australia

Surface Preparation Training

Poor Surface Preparation is responsible for over 90% of protective coating failures. To produce a durable, seamless application it is integral that the surface is prepared to the highest standard. Liquimix offers theoretical surface preparation training and additional training on polyurea application. We have a unique PREPARE, PRIME, PROTECT process that is available for all applicators that are seeking to further their knowledge and expertise.

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