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Liquimix is not only the product manufacturer. We are a one-stop shop that can take your team from learning about protective coatings to being experts in the field. We offer product recommendations, specifications and supplies. We offer equipment recommendations, supplies and services. We also provide training in applying and using the material properly. We will be with you all the way until you feel comfortable with the system. And even then, our mobile support team is a phone call away to service your equipment or assist with an application issue.

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Liquimix provides comprehensive GRACO training programs and trade days for all Reactor Equipment.

Training programs come complete with workbooks and access to our online knowledge centre. Additional training on polyurea application and our unique PREPARE, PRIME, PROTECT process is available NOW.


Liquimix offers three specially blended protective coating products for Caravan applications and a number of top coats for different purposes. Our products come in a system designed to suit various applications depending on the end product budget, colour requirements, and manufacturer warranty. Liquimix offers system specifications and surface preparation instructions to suit the material and the end product.

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Liquimix is the biggest Graco distributor in the southern hemisphere for the Plural range. We stock more Reactors and Pumps than any other distributor does all around Australia and New Zealand. We are a three-time award winning distributor with a walk-in spare part trade shop, 24/7 online shop and the best Graco certified service centre right here in the heart of Queensland. We do offer call-out services to customers all around Australia and New Zealand. So when you start with us, you will stay with us, as you will not need anybody else. Liquimix will look after you throughout your protective coating journey.

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Training is the part that we love the most, and we take it very seriously. Here is the journey: We start with a complementary product and equipment session. Then, our team will design a system based on your requirements and will recommend equipment to suit the application. Once that is in place, you will receive complimentary equipment (operational) training to learn to operate the equipment and a free commissioning session with the technician who installs your equipment. From there, you can take your equipment and learn the application through internal test and trial applications, or you can attend our personalised surface preparation and application training designed to teach you everything you know about your applications. Liquimixs' protective coating training will be tailored to your application and your requirements. We use your valuable time to teach you what you need to know to achieve the optimum outcome.

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Why is Polyurea lining better compared to standard Polyurethane DIY products such as Raptor?

When you sell a Van that costs over a hundred thousand dollars, your customer expects nothing but the best. Raptor or similar DIY products on the market are remarkable technologies for easy manual applications, but they are no match for spray-on protective coatings. Here are a few examples of why Polyurea is what you need as a manufacturer of modern Caravans. 

Low DFT and reactivity with water are only a few reasons...

Moisture-resistant—Polyurea is sprayed at 2500 psi pressure at an elevated temperature of 65 degrees via Graco Reactors. The product sets within 5 seconds and has little time to be affected by environmental factors. Polyurethane coatings are slow and usually applied low pressure by manual tools such as spray cans etc... The catalyst in the Polyurethane membranes reacts with the moisture in the environment, resulting in blisters, bubbles, and early premature failures. 

Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance—Polyurea protects steel and aluminum surfaces by completely encapsulating them. It adheres to the substrate with up to 9MPa adhesion, which does not allow any oxidization underneath the lining by suffocating the surface. On the other hand, a Polyurethane lining does react with moisture and consequently the oxidization underneath, which results in hidden damages long-term. 

High DFT—Polyurea can be applied at any DFT up to 20mm. In contrast, Polyurethane applications are usually limited to manual application and slow set material resulting in surface defects (sagging and drippings). So, most we have seen were around 500 microns. Polyurea is usually specified at 2000 to 3000 microns, which allows the coating to elongate and retain its physical properties for an extended period, which results in the longevity of the liner. 

Permanently elastomeric—Polyurea comes with up to 400% elongation property, and it remains its property throughout its life. That helps the material to stay unaffected by movements in the substrate due to temperature fluctuations. 

Ideal Balance of Toughness and Flexibility—Aside from water (moisture), impact and abrasion are the two main factors that affect caravans in the Australian environment. A flexible, robust liner can protect the surface by having the hardness to tolerate direct impact, as well as the flexibility to defuse abrasives rather than observing them. The cushion effect produced by the material's elongation properties, offers an extraordinary resilience toward abrasive environments that is unmatched by any other product in the market, especially rigid polyurethanes and epoxies. 

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