Tufflon P90 AS – Antistatic Polyurea


Tufflon P90 AS is an antistatic polyurea coating that has been independently tested by Mine Safety Technology to AS 1334.9-1982. Tufflon P90 AS is suitable as a heavy-duty protective lining for applications such as mine sites, mining operations, flammable liquid storage bunds or explosives storage areas where static energy poses a risk of spark.

Tufflon P90 AS exhibits medium hardness, permanent elasticity, corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance. Only experienced applicators should apply this product using specialised plural, high-pressure, heated, airless, impingement-mix spray equipment.

This two-component, 100% solids, spray-applied, elastomeric protective coating is solvent-free making it safe for use in hazardous and confined spaces.

Applications for Tufflon-P90 AS (Antistatic polyurea)

  • Antistatic  lining for areas containing explosives
  • Flammable liquids and fuel secondary containment bunds
  • Protective coating for hazardous environments



425kg DRUM SET


Features of Tufflon P90 AS – Antistatic Polyurea

  • Anti-Static

  • High resistance to chemicals

  • Contains no volatile or flammable solvents or catalyst

  • Remains permanently elastomeric

  • Withstands temperatures up to 120°C

  • Application not affected by temperature or moisture

  • Resistant to puncture

  • Will not flake, peel or crack

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