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Tank Lining

Tank Lining

Tank refurbishment and lining - both steel panel tanks and concrete tanks are perfectly suited to Tufflon-P90 - the proven performer for permanent immersion.

Chemical resistant to a wide range of chemicals such as chlorine, diesel, copper sulphate, hydraulic oil, sodium chloride and many more (see chart here)

Tufflon-P90 is Australia's most trusted polyurea for permanent and long-term immersion in water. 

Why should you trust Tufflon-P90 over other similar polyurea products?

  1. Because it's a proven performer.
  2. It's AS/NZS 4020-2005 approved for use with potable water as tested by the Australian Quality Water Centre.
  3. It has a very low water absorption rate compared to other polyurea products and this helps resist osmosis.
  4. Tufflon-P90 is a pure polyurea and we won't allow nonreactive diluents or extenders to be used in its formulation.
  5. LiquiMix has developed unique and proven methods for preparing concrete and steel tanks prior to lining with Tufflon-P90.
  6. These methods guarantee high adhesion and virtually eliminate the root cause of osmosis by removing soluble salts that can draw water one way through the membrane.
  7. Our customers trust Tufflon-P90 because it has a proven track record over years of permanent immersion.

    In 2013 a large city supply concrete water reservoir was being emptied in Queensland for maintenance. It had been lined five years earlier with Aralox primer and Tufflon-P90 and LiquiMix was invited to inspect it. During the cleaning process a council employee of 30 years said "I've never seen anything stand up to water as well as this stuff. It looks like it was just put down yesterday...". The Tufflon was smooth and shiny and looked in perfect condition with no blisters, cracks or peeling.

Typical uses for Tufflon-P90 in Permanent Immersion

  • Steel panel tank lining

  • Concrete tank lining

  • Potable water tanks and facilities

  • Internal lining of concrete water reservoirs

  • Water & sewerage applications

  • Launder Channels

  • Aeration basins

  • Large swimming or dive pools

  • Ponds and lakes

  • Open concrete channel remediation and lining with Tufflon-P90 / Geofabric

  • Cattle station water trough and tank remediation


Benefits of Tufflon / Elaston for tanks

  • Potable water approved

  • Smooth / seamless finish

  • Permanently elastomeric

  • Chemical resistant

  • Will not flake, peel, crack or blister


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