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Andrew Ross LiquiMix Graco Service Centre

Supporting our customers with expert experience through the LiquiMix Service Centre and Shop!

Meet our Technical Service Manager Andrew Ross - the man behind LiquiMix's Service Centre and Shop - proudly one of the largest Graco Service Centres ...
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Bryant Wells Technical Manager at LiquiMix and the ACA

Protecting Concrete and Steel Assets and Preventing Polyurea Failures – ACA Presentation in Brisbane

Bryant Wells, Technical Manager at LiquiMix, presented on the role of polyurea in protecting concrete and steel assets to ACA members at the Norman Hotel ...
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Graco Equipment Demonstration XP Sprayer LiquiMix

Graco Trade Day at LiquiMix Brisbane

It was great to see so many clients throughout the day for the Graco Trade Day at LiquiMix. With demonstrations on the most popular equipment ...
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Australian Mining Review LiquiMix Preventing Corrosion in Mining Equipment

LiquiMix in the Australian Mining Review – Protecting Equipment in Mining

LiquiMix features in the latest edition of the Australian Mining Review - a special edition on Protective Coatings in the Mining Industry. Pictured here with ...
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ACA Australasian Corrosion Association Sponsored by LiquiMix Corrosion Event

Preventing Corrosion with Polyurea – ACA event sponsored by LiquiMix

DATE:    Tuesday 30th July  TIME:     6.00pm - 8.30pm VENUE:  Norman Hotel, Brisbane What is corrosion and how can we prevent it from deteriorating ...
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Chemical Containment Bund after being lined with Tufflon-P80 Polyurea

Tufflon® a proven solution for secondary containment

Secondary containment (or chemical bunds) are a necessary precautionary measure to protect against spillage of hazardous liquids into the environment.  The Environmental Protection Agency recommends ...
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Amphibious Assault Vehicle from the US Marine Corps Protected with Polyurea

Polyurea slows bullets and blast fragments, protects against corrosion, says Naval Research Laboratory

Major corrosion issues faced by Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAVs) in the United States Marine Corps could be solved with polyurea. As the U.S. Marine Corps ...
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Graco Reactor EXP2

Delivering more to your bottom line – New Graco Series 2 E-XP2

LiquiMix loves technology and we get super excited about advances in polyurea - product and technology. So you can imagine, we were among the first ...
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Member of the Australasian Corrosion Association Australia ACA

Australasian Corrosion Association – Extending the Life of Concrete and Steel Assets

Finding new ways to combat corrosion is always at the forefront for the Australasian Corrosion Association. LiquiMix was recently invited to speak at the ACA ...
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Tipper Truck

The dangers of top-heavy tipper trucks

Tipping or crushing accidents are very real dangers when working with dump trucks or trailers. Most accidents involving a dump truck or trailer occur when ...
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Opalon-F90 Polyaspartic


New Opalon Formulation - Longer workable pot life. Find out More  
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Report explores the global polyurea market analysis and forecast by 2020

The global polyurea market is expected to reach USD 1,399.9 million by 2020. Superior performance as compared to alternatives such as polyurethanes and epoxy is ...
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