Polyaspartic Floor Coating Solutions by Liquimix

Polyaspartic Floor Coating Solutions by Liquimix

LiquiMix delivers industry-leading polyaspartic products that revolutionise the way flooring contractors, construction companies and asset owners across Australia do business. Our range of high-performance polyaspartic polyurea floor coating solutions currently include Opalon S30 Base coat, Opalon F45 Gloss Top Coat and Opalon M45 Matt Top coat. 

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Update Your Flooring with Polyaspartic Technology

Liquimix offers industry-leading polyaspartic products that are transforming flooring solutions in Australia. Our high-performance polyaspartic floor coatings, including Opalon S30 Base Coat, Opalon F45 Gloss Top Coat, and Opalon M45 Matt Top Coat, are designed to meet the diverse needs of flooring contractors, construction companies, and asset owners.

Benefits of Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Polyaspartic floor coatings are known for their rapid curing time, durability, and resistance to stains and UV light. These coatings are an ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications, providing long-lasting protection and an aesthetically pleasing finish to floors.

Decorative Floor Coatings for Enhanced Aesthetics

Our Opalon F45 Gloss Top Coat, a part of the polyaspartic range, offers attractive, color-fast flooring options. It's perfect for creating stunning floors with solid colours or decorative flake and glass finishes. This latest generation technology from Liquimix ensures your floors are not only durable but also visually appealing.

Opalon M45 Matt Top Coat: The Durable, Low-Gloss Solution

The Opalon M45 Matt Top Coat is a 53% volume solids, elastomeric, clear polyaspartic coating that maintains clarity and toughness without yellowing. Ideal for applications where a lower gloss, yet durable finish is desired, this product bridges hairline cracks and absorbs subtle movements in the substrate, ensuring a seamless and resilient finish.

This top coat is especially suitable for areas that experience heavy foot traffic, offering a durable surface that withstands daily wear and tear. Its matte finish reduces glare, making it a comfortable choice for both residential and commercial settings. Additionally, the Opalon M45 Matt Top Coat complements decorative floor coatings, enhancing their appearance while providing an extra layer of protection.

High-Performance Base Coat: Opalon S30

The Opalon S30 Solid Base Coat is an 80% volume solids, elastomeric, glossy-coloured polyaspartic coating. It's fast curing, low VOC, and is typically applied over itself, Liquimix epoxy coatings or polyurethane sealers. This base coat is the foundation of a robust, beautiful, and glossy floor finish, providing an excellent base for our topcoats.

Its high solid content ensures a thicker, more durable coating, ideal for environments demanding high performance and longevity. The Opalon S30's compatibility with various sealers and topcoats makes it versatile for a range of applications, from industrial floors to decorative flake flooring. Its rapid curing time allows for quicker project completion, reducing downtime in commercial spaces.

Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy: The Flooring Debate

While both polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings are excellent choices, polyaspartic coatings offer faster curing times and higher resistance to stains and UV damage.

Complementary Products for Comprehensive Floor Solutions

In addition to polyaspartic flooring, Liquimix provides other essential products like water tank liners, chemical bunding solutions, and trafficable waterproof membranes. These products complement our floor coatings, offering a complete solution for protecting and enhancing various surfaces.

For state-of-the-art polyaspartic floor coatings, look no further than Liquimix. Our range of Opalon products, combined with our expertise in epoxy coatings and other protective solutions, ensures you receive the best in floor protection and aesthetics. Contact Liquimix for a competitive quote and elevate your flooring with our advanced polyaspartic solutions.
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Opalon 90% solids polyaspartic offers attractive, colour-fast flooring with either solid colours or coloured flake or glass finishes. Developed and manufactured by LiquiMix, this latest generation technology is the ultimate floor coating for use in domestic and commercial applications. 



Opalon - M45 Matt is a 53% volume solids elastomeric, clear polyaspartic coating that will not yellow, is tough, fast-curing and quickly trafficable. It is normally applied over Opalon – M45 Gloss or coloured polyaspartic coating to produce a beautiful, durable lower gloss finish. Opalon - M45 Matt bridges hairline cracks and absorbs subtle movement in the substrate. Opalon – M45 Matt is used where a reduction in gloss is desired.



Opalon – S30 is a very high 80% volume solids elastomeric, glossy coloured polyaspartic coating that is tough, fast curing and low VOC. It is normally applied over Liquimix epoxy coatings, polyurethane sealers or other polyaspartic coatings to produce a beautiful, durable gloss finish.