PURL Pail Kit


PURL-SJ40 is a two-part, closed-cell, polyurethane foam system designed for slab lifting and other applications requiring high-crosslink density, good heat stability, high compressive strength and excellent structural properties. The two components should be processed using plural airless proportioner equipment.

The PURL range is made in Australia under ISO9001. It contains no Ozone depleting potential and is well below the “Greenstar” VOC threshold.

● Lifting concrete slabs and buildings
● Anywhere higher density, higher strength foam is specified

PURL Drum Kit



465KG Drum set
46.50KG Pail set

MIX RATIO  1:1 with Graco high-pressure
Gel time  20 seconds
Cream Time (seconds)  8 Seconds
Rise time  50 seconds
Free rise core density
 41 kg/m3


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PURL-SJ40 is a 1:1 Slab Lifting foam - It is the best match for Graco Reactors E-10HP and EXP2 due to its simple 1:1 ratio.

OTC pricing is available for higher quantities. Please contact the office

Features of PURL-SJ40

  • Heavy, dense foam perfect for ground stabilisation

  • Is pour-applied (not sprayed)

  • Weathering integrity - When installed, PURL-SJ40 creates a one-piece, seamless, self-flashing, closed-cell foam which inhibits the passage of water

  • Improved productivity and economy - By using high productivity plural proportioning equipment, PURL-SJ40 may be rapidly poured into large voids.

  • Durability – leading to long term performance and reducing the need for replacement, therefore saving energy

  • Environmentally friendly - this product contains no CFCs

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