Internal and external protection of steel and concrete pipes.

LiquiMix has a specific product and process for the lining of internal pipelines. In sewerage treatment plants, the issue of corrosion from concentrated raw sewage has been a growing problem in recent years. Reduced water during flushing has seen many sewerage treatment assets deteriorate at a far greater rate than they had in the past.
Plastic or polyurethane piping was considered at one point and is far more resistant to chemical attack, however the weights they are forced to bear once buried are not practical for this type of piping.
An alternative method that is proving exceptionally successful is using concrete or steel pipes lined with Elaston-PL75. This specific pipe lining Elaston is durable, highly chemical-resistant and even bridges fine hairline cracks in the pipes.

Concrete is known to move (expanding and contracting) due to temperate changes and humidity, however Elaston-PL75 works with the concrete, remaining permanently elastomeric and moving with the substrate beneath.



  • Chemical / oil / diesel pipelines

  • Mining, civil and construction applications

  • Sewerage and wastewater applications

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