Liquimix manufactures Civilox (civil grade epoxy), Aralox (floor coating epoxy), Opalon (polyaspartic for beautiful floors), and specialised GP Renders. The Tufflon and Elaston range of pure polyurea used for asset protection, protective coatings, concrete coatings, steel protection, anti-corrosive and abrasion resistant linings and waterproofing are also manufactured under strict ISO9001 QA. Also manufactured are Crackshot-150 hydrophilic flexible polyurethane grout for stopping water leaks in concrete and a range of PURL polyurethane foam in various densities and reaction times for insulating, filling and lifting.


Applications include drinking water reservoir and tank linings as well as sewerage and wastewater concrete remediation and lining as well as heavy transport tipper lining, bund and secondary containment lining. There is increasing demand for Tufflon and Elaston polyurea for bridge deck waterproofing and to protect concrete and steel against corrosion and abrasion. Tufflon-P90 pure polyurea is formulated for permanent immersion and Elaston-W80 pure polyurea for use with Geofabric due to unique cure properties. Other uniquely formulated Tufflon range of pure polyurea each best suited for particular applications. Tufflon and Elaston are both certified to AS4020 and AS 4858 as well as high adhesion and outstanding cathodic disbondment test results. PURL range of foams for pipe in pipe insulating, void filling of disused underground fuel tanks, insulating homes, slab lifting and hardcoat.


Liquimix is a major distributor of Graco equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand and sells Reactor plural component and FRP proportioner, gelocoaters and chopper guns into the FRP industries. In addition, a complete range Graco Husky pumps, stirrers, grease pumps, epoxy dispensers and ES fibreglass rollers are sold. A fully fitted and authorised Graco Repair Centre is situated at the Richlands warehouse.


Specialised application techniques and test procedures, developed over many years, ensure optimum, predictable, safe and accountable outcomes. Designed for abrasion, impact, corrosion, chemical, waterproofing and permanent immersion there is a specific grade of Tufflon polyurea to suit each project.



  • Polyurea – several grades of Tufflon and Elaston to suit a wide range of applications
  • Competitive pricing and 10 years of history makes Elaston a favourite for waterproofing
  • Epoxy – Civilox-18 (100% solids), Civilox-11 (93% solids), Aralox (100% solids) for flooring and Hydralox (waterborne) grades to suit many uses including the latest waterborne technology
  • MDI polyurethane – for rapid sealing of water leaks in concrete crack use Crackshot range
  • Spray Foams and Hardcoat – Greenstar range with a grade for each purpose
  • Plural Spray equipment and pumping systems – full range of Graco Reactors, Husky pumps and spares
  • FRP proportioners – Latest GlasCraft and Graco equipment
  • Vapour abrasive blasting – EcoQuip delivers fast and aggressive removal of all old rust, scale and coatings …. without dust
  • Accessories – Wire Trim tape, Graco spare parts
  • Chemicals – Swell, PC Solvent, LiquiLube, No-Flam, Urethane joint sealant
  • Technical Information – “How To” manuals as well as specifications written for specific projects
  • Test equipment such as High Voltage Porosity testers (Spark Testing), Adhesion testing, Thickness testing, Chemical analysis.


  • Tanking – Concrete and steel tank lining for permanent, long-term immersion in water and drinking water.
  • Civil – Open channel linings with geofabric / polyurea, bund sealing, concrete and steel (panel & welded) tanking, large open concrete areas sealed
  • Construction – Podiums, rooftops, flooring, equipment rooms, planter boxes, tanking, balconies, wet area waterproofing
  • Water – All civic supply water assets, remediation of large town water supply reservoirs (potable water AS4020 approved systems)
  • Sewerage – Aeration basins, launder channels, clarifiers, primary inlet towers, separation channels, settling ponds, pump stations, manholes, pipe lining
  • Transport – Road transport tippers lined, rail undercarriage and railcar linings, ute trays, horse floats
  • Flooring – Seamless continuously elastomeric flooring for Abbatoirs, Seafood processing factories, Wet areas with non-slip finishes
  • Factories – Trade waste pits, In-floor drains, Cracked concrete floor repairs
  • Pipe Lining – Internal pipelining materials conforming to BS EN 15655:2009
  • Waterproofing – Class III materials >300% elongation, bathrooms, all domestic and commercial wet areas using Graco E-10hp
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