Water Reservoir in the process of being lined with Tufflon Polyurea



LiquiMix is an industry leader in polyurea and polyaspartic protective coatings,
pure polyurea products, concrete remediation, floor coating and waterproofing products
and equipment to suit civil, construction, transport and mining projects
across Australia.





PURE POLYUREA RANGE Tufflon-(heavy duty) Elaston-(waterproofing) Colourtuff-(aliphatic) WHY CHOOSE LIQUIMIX POLYUREA ?

  • Australian made under ISO 9001 - Consistent Quality Guaranteed
  • 20-year history
  • Warranty with Liquimix Technical Support
  • AS/NZS 4020 - Potable Water





Tufflon® and Elaston® are pure polyurea resin products exhibiting industry-leading abrasion, chemical, corrosion and impact resistance, and delivering a longer lifespan than any other comparable products on the market.

Looking for a hi-tech polyurea floor coating or polyaspartic roof coating system? LiquiMix leads Australian suppliers with a range of aliphatic polyurethane-modified, polyaspartic and polyurea waterproofing coating solutions. These solutions include WetProof, RoofProof, Opalon-W90 and Elaston-W80.

LiquiMix markets several grades of polyurethane foam, each with different characteristics and intended usages, and produced for a different target market. These polyurethane foam systems include PURL-SP08, PURL-SJ60, PURL-SJ40, PURL-SP32 and HardCoat.

Sourcing a polyurea floor coatings or polyurea coating spray? LiquiMix supplies a range of polyurea and floor coatings to asset owners and flooring contractors in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide. 

ISO 9001 Certified | Quality Management Systems



LiquiMix is an authorised distributor and service agent for Graco spray, dispensing and pumping systems. Graco leads the industry in equipment for polyurea spray coatings, including polyurea floor coating and waterproofing coating applications.


To meet the polyurea waterproofing and floor coating needs of local contractors, LiquiMix offers a full suite of Graco single-component spray equipment including the Ultra Max II, e-Xtreme EX45 electric airless sprayer and the Merkur ES range.


LiquiMix supplies EcoQuip® vapour blasting equipment by Graco, including the EQ600S, which is ideal of fast industrial use, and the compact and easily portable EQ100M, an excellent choice for graffiti removal and smaller jobs.


From handheld fibreglass rollers to G100 professional-grade fibreglass sprayers and Graco’s industry-leading gelcoat system, LiquiMix supplies the fibreglass equipment and accessories you need for professional results.

Learn how LiquiMix can achieve results for your next project.


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