PURL Pail Kit


PURL SJ-80 is a Medium density rigid polyurethane slab jacking foam system designed to be a fast-reacting structural foam that provides general-purpose slab jacking properties. The PURL range is made in Australia under ISO9001.

● To fill voids & Deep ground consolidation
● Anywhere higher strength foam is specified
● Pole setting
● Concrete slab lifting


● Exceptional strength-to-weight properties
● Fast reaction TImes
● High Compressive Strength
● 1:1 mix ratio for standard Graco Equipment


Compressive Strength (ASTM D1621)
Parallel  > 400kPa
Perpendicular > 350kPa

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Features of PURL-SJ80

  • High Compressive Strength up to > 400kPa (ASTM D1621)

  • Relatively low environmental impact at the building level - saves more than 100 times the energy than is used in manufacture

  • Durability - leading to long term performance and reducing the need for replacement, therefore saving energy

  • Weathering Integrity - When installed, PURL-SJ80 creates a one-piece, seamless, self-flashing, closed-cell foam which inhibits the passage of water

  • Environmentally friendly - this product contains no CFCs