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Tufflon-JF90 Drum Kit

Tufflon-JF90 (Joint Filler) 

The latest joint-filling technology, using rapid-set, high-strength, pure polyurea to protect concrete floor expansion joints from damage is now here.

Designed by Australia's leading industrial chemists and made under ISO9001, Tufflon-JF90 Joint Filler offers asset owners a solution to the problem of concrete floor slabs having the edges of construction and expansion joints damaged, broken and chipped. It does this by combining extremely high, load-bearing physical properties with a permanent elasticity of 430% and a vice-like grip to the vertical concrete surface of the joint. This allows Tufflon-JF90 to not only support the edges of the joint but to also stretch and contract in order to accommodate the daily cyclical movement of the slabs.

Tufflon-JF90 (Joint Filler) 

This highly-modified, pure polyurea Tufflon-JF90, is in a class of its own by combining these three amazing properties in the one product.


Failure to properly seal or fill concrete floor expansion joints, allows water, debris and harsh contaminants to fill these critical engineered structures, which can cause premature wear and tear to the concrete. When installed by experienced tradesmen, Tufflon-JF90 filled joints can be returned to service in just over 60 minutes. Fast to install, fast to cure, it forms a permanently elastomeric and tough load-bearing joint with high physical properties that cannot be matched by standard single component polyurethane joint sealant. When time is money, there is no other system that can match the speed of installation and quick return to service of Tufflon-JF90 polyurea joint filler.
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Tufflon-JF90 Joint Filler

Discover the advanced joint filling technology with Tufflon-JF90, a pure polyurea joint filler designed for concrete floor expansion joints. Created by Australia's leading industrial chemists and manufactured under ISO9001, Tufflon-JF90 offers a robust solution for protecting and maintaining concrete floor slabs.

The Superior Performance of Concrete Expansion Joint Filler

Tufflon-JF90 stands out as an exceptional expansion joint filler. Its formulation combines high load-bearing properties with extraordinary elasticity, boasting a 430% permanent stretch capability. This unique combination allows Tufflon-JF90 not only to support but also to adapt to the daily movement of concrete slabs, ensuring long-lasting protection and stability.

Rapid-Set, High-Strength Filler for Durable Joints

The rapid-setting and high-strength characteristics of Tufflon-JF90 make it ideal for areas subjected to heavy loads. This concrete joint filler is designed for quick application and fast curing, allowing areas to return to service within hours, minimising downtime in busy environments like industrial and commercial facilities.

Applications and Benefits of Tufflon-JF90

Tufflon-JF90 is versatile in its applications and suitable for joint filling and stress crack filling in concrete floors. It excels in environments that bear very heavy loads, making it a preferred choice for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other high-traffic areas.

Preventing Premature Wear with Effective Joint Filling

Neglecting to properly seal concrete floor expansion joints can lead to water ingress, debris accumulation, and exposure to harsh contaminants. These issues can cause premature wear and tear on concrete. Tufflon-JF90, when installed by skilled professionals, forms a permanently elastomeric and tough load-bearing joint. This effectively prevents the deterioration of concrete, ensuring the longevity of the floor.

Liquimix's Commitment to Quality Joint Filling Solutions

Liquimix is dedicated to providing high-quality joint-filling solutions. Our Tufflon-JF90 polyurea joint filler embodies our commitment to excellence, offering unmatched physical properties compared to standard polyurethane joint sealants. The speed of installation and rapid return to service make Tufflon-JF90 a top industry choice.

Complementary Products for Comprehensive Floor Maintenance

Alongside Tufflon-JF90, Liquimix offers a range of products like polyurethane foam, ground stabilisation solutions, and epoxy floor coatings. These products complement our joint filler by enhancing the overall durability and appearance of concrete surfaces. Whether you need to stabilise the ground beneath or coat the surface above, Liquimix has the right product for your project.

Choose Liquimix for advanced concrete joint filler solutions. Tufflon-JF90, with its rapid-set, high-strength, and high elasticity properties, offers unmatched performance for concrete expansion joints. Ensure the longevity and stability of your concrete surfaces with our top-tier products and expertise.
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425kg Drum kit

42.5kg Pail kit

Tufflon-JF90 Drum Kit
Tufflon-JF90 Pail Kit

Features of Concrete Expansion Joint Filler by Liquimix

  • Continuous pour of up to 8 liters per minute, through Graco plural equipment, allows a rate of joint filling not possible using other traditional methods

  • Fully cures at temperatures as low as -30°C. Suitable for sealing and filling concrete floor construction and cold joints in commercial cold rooms and freezers

  • Resistant to a wide range of Alkalis, weak acids and other chemicals. Contact LiquiMix for approval of use with specific service conditions.*

  • Suitable for very heavy loads

Applications for Concrete Expansion Joint Filler by Liquimix

  • Joint filling

  • Stress crack filling

  • Suitable for heavy loads (return to service within hours of application)

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