Industrial Floor Paint & Coatings

Industrial Floor Paint & Coatings

LIQUIMIX – Industrial Floor Paint Suppliers

LIQUIMIX is a leading industrial floor paint supplier, specialising in advanced industrial floor coatings, including concrete epoxies and sealers. Our industrial floor paints are engineered for the rigorous demands of industrial environments, from manufacturing plants to commercial garages. 

Initially Liquimix was an industrial protective coating manufacturer. We formulated and made fit -for -purpose products to protect Australian assets. 

In the last decade, we started developing a range of products from our existing protective formulations for the construction industry. Some of these products are now used by coating trades for commercial and residential use (including our flooring range). So while they are used in garage floors and sheds now, they were originally designed for extreme conditions to protect infrastructure assets. 

This is why our products are extremely durable and of extremely high solid contents. It sets us apart from companies that started as floor coating manufacturers. Many other suppliers have made the cheapest solution as quickly as possible. In contrast, our original goal was to make a product that lasts. And that is where our floor coatings originated. 


Aralox pail 20L


Aralox™ is a solvent-free, epoxy floor coating system, with a long and successful history for industrial, institutional and commercial flooring as well as being suitable for domestic use. Its unique chemistry ensures a beautiful, long-lasting sheen with outstanding durability, colour retention and high chemical and impact resistance.

Aralox™ is available in all the colours mentioned below in the Colour Chart area and can be matched to most colours on Australian standard AS2700 for wholesale quantity orders



PU – 75 Polyurethane Clear is a 36% volume solids, glossy clear coating that is tough and fast
curing. It is normally applied directly over suitably prepared concrete as a sealer to produce a
beautiful, durable gloss finish that is easily cleanable.



LiquiMix delivers industry-leading polyaspartic products that revolutionise the way flooring contractors, construction companies and asset owners across Australia do business. Our range of high-performance polyaspartic polyurea floor coating solutions currently include Opalon S30 Base coat, Opalon F45 Gloss Top Coat and Opalon M45 Matt Top coat.


SOLID EPOXY Floor system

SOLID PU Floor system


Flake flooring system




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LiquiMix leads Australian industrial floor coating companies in the development and production of floor coatings to suit an extensive range of civil, construction, marine, mining and transport applications. With our focus on delivering premium-quality epoxy, polyurea and polyurethane floor paint products that are cost-effective and deliver market-leading outcomes, LiquiMix industrial floor coatings are the right choice to protect your organisation’s assets.

The LiquiMix range of industrial flooring coating systems covers everything from solvent-free epoxy coatings and pure polyurea coatings to polyurethane topcoats and three-dimensional polyaspartics for domestic and commercial environments that really provide that wow factor! 

View our floor coatings range below and call us today on (07) 3277 6655 to discuss the requirements of your project and the industrial floor coating solutions we can provide!

Floor Paint Suppliers – Our Coating Products

As an industrial floor paint supplier, LIQUIMIX offers a variety of options to meet every need, from chemical resistance to slip prevention and UV stability. These coatings ensure your floors can handle the challenges of daily industrial activity.

Torginol Flakes

Our Torginol Flakes range offers an aesthetic and functional finish for floors seeking durability and style. Perfect for adding texture and colour, these flakes can be used in various settings, creating unique and resilient surfaces.

Aralox Epoxy

Aralox™ Epoxy is a solvent-free system that brings exceptional durability and colour retention to industrial, commercial, and domestic floors. Known for its high chemical and impact resistance, Aralox™ achieves a beautiful sheen that lasts. Available in a spectrum of colours, it matches nearly any design requirement.

PU-75 Polyurethane

For a glossy, easily cleanable finish over concrete, PU-75 Polyurethane Clear is unmatched. This 36% volume solids coating is tough, fast-curing, and perfect for creating durable, high-gloss surfaces in high-traffic areas. 

Opalon Polyaspartic

LIQUIMIX is at the forefront with Opalon Polyaspartic, offering base coats, gloss top coats, and matte finishes. These high-performance polyaspartic polyurea solutions are designed for speed and efficiency – setting new standards in flooring applications across Australia.

Floor Paint Suppliers: Advanced Floor Coating Systems

Whether you're seeking a solid epoxy or PU floor system or aiming to impress with flake flooring, LIQUIMIX has a solution. Our systems are tailored for durability and visual impact, providing exceptional results across various environments. 

Resin Flooring Supplier

LIQUIMIX resin flooring combines strength with aesthetics, making it ideal for spaces requiring robustness and style. Eco-friendly and versatile, our resin flooring is suitable for any area, enhancing its functionality and design.

Garage Floor Coating Supplier

Transform your garage with LIQUIMIX garage floor coatings. Our selection offers resistance to oil stains and water, making cleanup effortless. Choose from epoxy to polyurethane options to revive your garage space.

Protective Coating Supplier

Protect and preserve your flooring with LIQUIMIX protective coatings. Suitable for warehouses, retail spaces, or garages, our coatings offer a barrier against spills, stains, and traffic, maintaining the floor's integrity and appearance. If you’re looking for trusted and experienced concrete sealer suppliers, then contact us today. 

Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating Supplier

LIQUIMIX is a concrete epoxy supplier specialising in epoxy floor coatings that offer superior protection and a sleek finish. Ideal for enhancing the durability and aesthetics of any space, our epoxy solutions are a testament to our commitment to quality. For high-quality, durable coatings suitable for various applications, consider LIQUIMIX, a trusted name among epoxy suppliers.

Why Choose LIQUIMIX as your Industrial Floor Coatings Suppliers?

LIQUIMIX is an industrial floor coating supplier excelling in creating floor coatings with a focus on innovative, high-quality, and affordable solutions. Our comprehensive range ensures your project benefits from the highest quality coatings available. 

Get in touch with us today for more information on how LIQUIMIX can elevate your next project with our industry-leading floor coatings. Explore our range, download our catalogue, and take the first step towards a durable, aesthetically pleasing floor solution.


Do industrial floor coating suppliers have fast-curing options for quick turnarounds?

As industrial floor coating suppliers, LIQUIMIX provides fast-curing floor coating options, allowing quick turnarounds and minimal downtime in industrial settings.

How do industrial floor paint suppliers cater to the needs of automotive workshops?

Floor paint suppliers like LIQUIMIX cater to automotive workshops by offering high-strength, oil-resistant paints that withstand the rigours of automotive repair and maintenance activities.

What makes PU-75 Polyurethane a preferred choice among industrial floor coating suppliers?

PU-75 Polyurethane seals and protects polished concrete floors and enhances their natural beauty without altering the surface"s appearance. It's a preferred choice for spaces that demand aesthetic appeal and protection against foot traffic, spills, and wear. Its clear finish and UV resistance make it a go-to product for maintaining the look of your floors while ensuring durability.