Project Overview

The Asset required a protective & waterproof coating system applied to the exterior
foundation of the newly constructed concrete building. Liquimix supplies a wide range of
Spray Polymer Elastomers. For the external foundation, we recommended Tufflon-P90 pure
polyurea. Tufflon-P90 has a long and successful history of safely protecting the internal and
external surfaces of Australian assets for over 20 years. With its high (90 Shore A)
hardness, high chemical resistance and its waterproofing properties, Tufflon-P90 was the
chosen waterproofing solution to protect the assets exterior foundations.

The Solution

After suitable surface preparation of the area (CSP2 - CSP5), Liquimix proposed the solution
of sealing / priming the concrete foundation with Civilox-LV100 epoxy. After a second coat
of Civilox-LV100, Renderfill sand was broadcasted onto the wet Civilox epoxy to improve
the adhesion of the pure polyurea to the sealed concrete. Once the concrete was primed
and sealed, Tufflon-P90 was sprayed at 3,000 microns DFT.

To give the entire lining an even, consistent finish with an increased friction profile,
Liquimix proposed spraying a stipple coat of Tufflon-P90 to the entire surface. The
Tufflon-P90 provided a seamless, waterproof protective lining system to the exterior
concrete foundation.

The Result

With its ease of application & fast return to service, high durability, resistance to
protrusions and a wide range of chemicals, resistance to abrasion, corrosion &
environmental factors, the Tufflon-P90 waterproof & protective lining system provided an
expected service life of 20+ years. The Tufflon-P90 system worked efficiently and effectively
and is still performing at a high-quality level. Tufflon-P90 has a solid background in mining
applications and is a proven & trusted solution to protect Australian Assets.

Date of Project


Substrate Material

Newly constructed concrete

Location of Asset


Tindal 2024 343c9049-293a-4b03-a03d-c6aaca2b60bf433534553
Wall coated with P90 @ 3,000 microns and fully spark tested to identify and rectify pinholes
Scott inspecting P90 lining

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