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LiquiMix works with asset owners (councils / mining companies etc) and construction companies to develop the best possible outcome for the protection and refurbishment of assets. Working side-by-side with qualified partner applicators - we use proven application methods and techniques to guarantee long-term results.

These assets might be a water treatment plant requiring refurbishment and life-extension, or a mining site requiring ground stabilisation, protection of heavy-duty equipment or lining of a secondary containment area (bund).  

LiquiMix Tufflon® and Elaston® polyurea have been trusted on Australia’s most valuable assets from clients such as Queensland Alumina, Lendlease, SEQ Water, Unity Water and many government-owned facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.  

Driven by a strong focus on safety and quality, LiquiMix employs a team of experienced industrial chemists, coating inspectors and trade-qualified professionals to work closely with certified independent applicators, civil engineers, project managers and asset owners to deliver safe, predictable and accountable outcomes.

LiquiMix clients have high expectations - we enjoy meeting and exceeding these expectations - thereby strengthening our partner relationships for the long-term.


Our team of chemists and technicians work to meet the changing demands of construction chemicals in civil, mining, transport, construction and marine industries.  

As a proud Australian, family-owned company, LiquiMix products are manufactured by specialised chemists and trained technicians using state-of-the-art equipment.

LiquiMix Tufflon® and Elaston® polyurea and specialised construction chemicals as well as Graco plural spray equipment and spare parts are supplied throughout Australia and New Zealand.


LiquiMix offers a specification service to help with the tender process. Our project managers, technical support team and chemists have extensive experience with specifying protective coating systems for asset remediation and life-extension.

LiquiMix provides comprehensive Graco equipment training programs for all Reactor Equipment and EcoQuip Vapour Abrasive Blasting Equipment. We also offer training programs on substrate preparation, priming and protection with Tufflon® polyurea. Training programs come complete with workbooks and access to the LiquiMix online knowledge centre. 

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LiquiMix Pty Ltd

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Phone: +61 7 3277 6655
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Email: info@liquimix.com

At LiquiMix my staff and I are fully committed to ensuring your success. With our team of industrial chemists, qualified tradesmen and experienced coatings professionals we are able to draw upon a vast resource of experience in order to give you the best chance of success in each of your projects. We consider it a privilege to work alongside you."

Neill Barrell - Managing Director


Neill Barrell

Neill Barrell

Managing Director

Ben Bahrami Liquimix

Ben Bahrami

Operations Manager

Bryant Wells - Head of Research and Development at LiquiMix

Bryant Wells

Technical Manager

Paul Coleman LiquiMix Technical Support

Paul Coleman

Project Manager


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Andrew Ross Technical Services Manager

Andrew Ross

Maintenance Manager 


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