Gusmer GX-7A Spray Gun

Plural-Component Spray Gun
Graco's GX-7A gun is the industries preferred roofing application gun. Ideal for concrete lifting applications since the mechanical-purge operation eliminates back pressure related issues. The Gusmer GX-7A gun is recommended for spraying foam only and is a mechanically self-cleaning spray gun. The GX-7A gun is one of the industries choice guns when it comes to applying two-component foam systems. 

Gusmer GX7A

Features of Gusmer GX-7A Spray Gun

  • A variety of mixing chamber sizes allows the operator to fine-tune the round spray pattern for virtually any application

  • Lightweight, easy to operate and maintain

  • Mechanically self-cleaning so you eliminate costly solvent-flushing

  • Air cap allows for easy cleaning of the purge rod

  • Industry proven mix and atomization technology

  • Valving Rod Forward Stop: Permits forward positioning of the valving rod to maximize the mechanical self-cleaning process

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue

  • Pattern control knob allows for fine tune adjustments