Epoxy Flooring Supplies in Sydney

Sydney's construction and renovation markets are thriving, with a continuous need for quality epoxy flooring solutions. LIQUIMIX is at the forefront, offering an extensive selection of epoxy supplies in Sydney, ready to meet the demands of any project with durability and style.

PURE POLYUREA RANGE Tufflon-(heavy duty) Elaston-(waterproofing) Colourtuff-(aliphatic) WHY CHOOSE LIQUIMIX POLYUREA ?

  • Australian made under ISO 9001 - Consistent Quality Guaranteed
  • 20-year history
  • Warranty with Liquimix Technical Support
  • AS/NZS 4020 - Potable Water





  • TUFFLON P80 - Permanent immersion and for use with Geofabric
  • TUFFLON P90 - General purpose use. Most popular grade
  • TUFFLON D60 - Direct to prepared steel (no primer)
  • ELASTON W80 - Waterproofing grade AS4858
  • METALOX - Steel Protection, 100% solids, high-build, various colours
  • CIVILOX - Difficult Substrates. Sealing & Priming. Use with fine sand for Patch repairs and Rendering
  • ARALOX - Concrete floor coating, factories, warehouses, showrooms
  • PURL SP32 - Spray insulating foam. Highest R rating
  • PURL SJ40 - Slab jacking / lifting
  • PURL SJ60 - Deep ground consolidation
  • PURL GPW40 - General purpose pour foam
  • Hardcoat - Spray PU hardcoat

Opalon polyaspartic is the ultimate system for beautiful, tough, floor coatings. Offering fast return-to-service, anti-marring and available in a wide range of colours and flakes, Opalon is for use by experienced applicators only. Typical markets are floors in warehouses, industrial sheds, food processing, showrooms and many other applications.



LiquiMix is an authorised distributor and service agent for Graco spray, dispensing and pumping systems. Graco leads the industry in equipment for polyurea spray coatings, including polyurea floor coating and waterproofing coating applications.


To meet the polyurea waterproofing and floor coating needs of local contractors, LiquiMix offers a full suite of Graco single-component spray equipment including the Ultra Max II, e-Xtreme EX45 electric airless sprayer and the Merkur ES range.


LiquiMix supplies EcoQuip® vapour blasting equipment by Graco, including the EQ600S, which is ideal of fast industrial use, and the compact and easily portable EQ100M, an excellent choice for graffiti removal and smaller jobs.


From handheld fibreglass rollers to G100 professional-grade fibreglass sprayers and Graco’s industry-leading gelcoat system, LiquiMix supplies the fibreglass equipment and accessories you need for professional results.


  • Approved PAPR with HEPA filtration
  • Lightweight (500g/1.1 lb) and compact.
  • Fresh airflow, no fogging and easy to wear over long periods
  • No hoses, belts or waist mounted battery packs
  • Reliable and fast cleaning
  • Reusable and cost effective


Jun 6 2024

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Liquimix announces our recertification of ISO9001:2015.  Liquimix Develops and manufactures industrial chemicals and specialised epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic ...

Epoxy Supplies Sydney-Wide: The Role of Epoxy

Epoxy flooring has cemented its place in Sydney, and it is known for its durability and polished look, making it perfect for bustling commercial environments and elegant homes. LIQUIMIX’s offerings, including epoxy supplies in Sydney, address the multiple project needs throughout the city, ensuring durable and attractive floors.
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LIQUIMIX: Providing Epoxy Supplies in Sydney

Sydney's diverse architectural landscape and construction demands require versatile, high-quality flooring solutions. LIQUIMIX meets this need with a vast array of epoxy products. Whether for adding a luminous sheen to any space or applying robust coatings for safety in industrial settings, our product line, including contributions from epoxy supplies in Melbourne, is tailored to Sydney’s distinctive climate and aesthetic preferences.

Meeting Various Construction Needs with Epoxy Supplies in Sydney

LIQUIMIX is the go-to for every setting in Sydney, from lively retail spaces and active warehouses to homes desiring a contemporary update. Our product selection goes beyond epoxy flooring supplies in Brisbane, including various epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyaspartics matched to the specific demands of Sydney’s projects.

As a renowned epoxy coating supplier and a master distributor for Graco equipment, LIQUIMIX is committed to providing Sydney with project solutions.

Selecting LIQUIMIX for Epoxy Supplies in Sydney

With LIQUIMIX, you gain more than just access to Sydney’s top epoxy products; you benefit from our dedication to service, quality, and support. We stand out by providing:

  • An extensive portfolio of epoxy supplies designed for Sydney’s diverse applications.
  • Professional guidance and specifications services to streamline your project planning.
  • In-depth training and ongoing technical support to maximise the efficacy of our products.

Epoxy Supplies in Sydney's Construction & Renovation Projects

Our experienced chemists and technical team continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry, spanning civil, mining, transport, and marine sectors. Our manufacturing processes, centred around ISO 9001 standards, ensure each product's quality and reliability.

Comprehensive Epoxy and Coating Solutions

Focusing on Polyurea, we also deliver an extensive lineup of epoxies, polyaspartics, and polyurethanes. As a Master Distributor for Graco equipment, we're equipped to offer end-to-end solutions, from supply to application. Our specification service streamlines the tender process, and we are backed by a team proficient in protective coating systems for asset remediation and extension.

Unmatched Training and Support

Our dedicated training facility in Sydney, complete with a spray booth and seating area, provides hands-on training on all Reactor plural spray and EcoQuip Vapour Abrasive Blasting Equipment. From substrate preparation to the final application of Tufflon® polyurea, our programs, complete with workbooks and online resources, ensure professionals are well-prepared.

Ensuring Project Success

Our technical support is crucial for achieving the best outcomes, especially in polyurea applications where precise specification and application techniques are vital. We support projects from specification to completion, ensuring assets are restored and preserved to the highest standards. Our approach includes comprehensive preparation, application techniques, and the proper use of plural spray equipment systems, aiming for a service life of 30 years or more.
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Does LIQUIMIX offer any epoxy products that contribute to green building certifications in Sydney?

LIQUIMIX’s eco-friendly epoxy range includes products that help Sydney projects achieve green building certifications. Our environmentally responsible epoxies are low in VOCs and contribute to sustainable construction practices, aligning with Sydney’s growing emphasis on green building standards.

How does LIQUIMIX tailor its epoxy supplies to Sydney"s coastal climate?

LIQUIMIX recognises Sydney"s coastal environment can be challenging for construction materials. Our epoxy supplies are formulated with enhanced moisture and salt resistance, ensuring they maintain integrity and appearance in coastal conditions, making them ideal for Sydney’s specific climate.

Are LIQUIMIX’s epoxy supplies suitable for outdoor projects in Sydney?

Our outdoor-specific epoxy products are formulated to stand up to Sydney’s weather, ensuring durable and lasting outdoor applications.

Learn how LiquiMix can achieve results for your next project.


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