PU Foam

Polyurethane Foam


LiquiMix makes several grades of polyurethane foam each with a different target market. For all our polyurethane foams, best results are achieved when the two components are mixed using specialised plural-component equipment such as Graco E-10 or E-30. All our foams are made under ISO9001 in Australia.
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Understanding Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam, commonly known as PU foam, is a versatile material widely used across various industries. At Liquimix, we specialise in high-quality polyurethane expanding foam products that cater to a diverse range of needs, from construction to industrial applications. This material is distinguished by its exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, making it a top choice for builders and manufacturers alike.

PU foam's resistance to moisture and chemicals also enhances its suitability for harsh environments, ensuring long-lasting performance. It's not just about filling spaces; polyurethane foam also contributes significantly to energy efficiency in buildings. The ease of application of polyurethane expanding foam makes it a favoured choice in both DIY and professional settings, streamlining various projects from simple home repairs to complex industrial tasks.

The Versatility of Polyurethane Expanding Foam

PU foam is renowned for its expanding properties, making it an ideal solution for tasks requiring insulation, cushioning, or support. Its unique ability to expand and harden upon application allows it to fill gaps efficiently, providing excellent insulation and structural integrity. This characteristic of polyurethane expanding foam is particularly beneficial in applications like concrete slab lifting foam, where precision and strength are paramount.

Within construction,PU foam's expanding nature enables it to adapt to irregular surfaces, ensuring complete coverage and support. The foam's high compressive strength makes it ideal for load-bearing applications, contributing to its widespread use in ground stabilisation and building maintenance. The versatility of polyurethane foam extends beyond traditional uses, finding applications in artistic and design projects due to its moldability and ease of shaping.

Slab Lifting Foam: A Revolutionary Solution

Among our range of polyurethane products, slab lifting foam is a standout. This concrete slab lifting foam is designed specifically for ground stabilisation and lifting sunken concrete slabs. Its robust composition ensures durability and longevity, making it an essential tool for construction and repair projects.

Ground Stabilisation with Polyurethane Foam

Ground stabilisation is a critical concern in construction and civil engineering. Our PU foam products offer a reliable solution, effectively stabilising soil and filling voids, ensuring a secure and level foundation for construction projects.

Manufacturing Excellence in PU Foam

At Liquimix, we pride ourselves on manufacturing polyurethane foam under the stringent standards of ISO 9001. This commitment to quality ensures that every product we deliver meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Liquimix: Leaders in Polyurethane Technology

Liquimix stands at the forefront of polyurethane technology. Our extensive experience and innovative approach have positioned us as a leading provider of polyurethane products. We offer a range of polyurethane foams, each tailored to meet specific industry needs.

Training and Support in Polyurethane Applications

We don't just supply products; we also provide comprehensive training and technical support. Our dedicated facilities and expert team ensure that our clients are well-equipped to use our polyurethane foam products effectively and safely.

Liquimix's polyurethane foam products, including the revolutionary slab lifting foam and versatile expansion joint filler, are engineered to provide solutions for a wide array of industrial and construction challenges. Our commitment to quality manufacturing, coupled with our extensive support and training services, make us a trusted partner in your projects. Choose Liquimix for reliable, high-performance polyurethane solutions.
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20L metal pail pack


PURL-SP08 PURL-SP08 Part B is a fully formulated polyol blend designed to react with PURL-SP08 Part A to produce a polyurethane foam spray system. The two components are processed using...
20L metal pail pack


PURL-SJ60 POLYURETHANE FOAM PURL-SJ60 is a two-part, closed-cell, polyurethane foam system designed for deep ground consolidation and other applications requiring high-crosslink density, good heat stability, high compressive strength and excellent...
20L metal pail pack


PURL-SJ40 POLYURETHANE SLAB LIFTING FOAM PURL-SJ40 is a two-part, closed-cell, polyurethane foam system designed for slab lifting and other applications requiring high-crosslink density, good heat stability, high compressive strength and...
20L metal pail pack


HARDCOAT-D65 Hard protective coating for cured foams. Spray foam is a fantastic medium for all sorts of applications, however it does need to be protected from impact, abrasion and general...
20L metal pail pack


PURL-SP32 PURL SP-32 reacts to form a rigid, closed-cell, polyurethane foam with 32 kg per cubic meter free rise density. With a fast gel-time, it can only be processed using...