Polyurethane Products by Liquimix: Varied Applications and Durability

Polyurethane products

Comprehensive Range of Polyurethane Foam Products

Liquimix offers a wide array of polyurethane products, including innovative polyurethane foam products designed to meet various industrial needs. Our products are crafted to provide solutions in numerous applications, from waterproofing to protective coatings.

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Specifically, our polyurethane foam products are ideal for applications requiring high-performance insulation or robust structural components. They are also extensively used in sectors ranging from automotive to building construction, showcasing their adaptability and effectiveness.

Polyurethane Foam: Versatile and Efficient

Polyurethane foam products are known for their versatility and efficiency. These products serve a multitude of purposes, including insulation, cushioning, and structural support in various industries. With options ranging from soft flexible foams to rigid, durable forms, Liquimix ensures that our polyurethane foam meets the many needs of our clients.

The inherent properties of polyurethane foam products, such as their thermal insulation and shock-absorbing qualities, make them invaluable in both commercial and residential settings. Additionally, their lightweight nature and ease of customisation contribute significantly to their widespread use across industries.

Custom Polyurethane Products for Specific Needs

Understanding that every project has unique requirements, Liquimix’s specialty lies in custom polyurethane products. Whether it's a specific foam density, resilience, or a particular form factor, our team is equipped to provide tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your project's specific demands.

These custom polyurethane products are designed to fit niche applications where standard products might not suffice, offering unique solutions for complex challenges. Our ability to customise extends to modifying physical properties like hardness, colour, and UV resistance, ensuring that our clients receive polyurethane foam products that precisely meet their specifications and requirements.

Hardcoat: Durable Protective Coating for Polyurethane Foam

Our Hardcoat product offers a hard protective coating for cured foams. This product is essential in applications where polyurethane foam is used but needs additional protection against impact, abrasion, and wear. It's an ideal choice for ensuring the longevity of foam in high-stress environments.

LiquiBond: A Solution for Ground Stabilisation

LiquiBond is a unique product in our polyurethane range. This 100% solids, moisture-cure, modified polyurethane is designed to stabilise and bind loose substrates. It's particularly effective in ground stabilisation projects, ensuring a stable and durable base for various construction and engineering works.

Its robust composition complements the use of epoxy floor coating, providing an ideal substrate for flooring applications in industrial and commercial environments. LiquiBond also pairs well with water tank liner solutions, contributing to the overall structural integrity and durability of water storage systems.

Joint Sealant: Polyurethane Expansion Joint Solutions

Liquimix develops industry-leading polyurethane expansion joint sealant products. These are crucial in construction, providing flexibility and durability to accommodate the thermal movement of materials. Our Oneseal PU-25 is a fast-cure, one-component solution perfect for a wide range of construction needs.

Waterproofing Membranes: Polyurethane and Polyaspartic Solutions

Our range of waterproofing membranes includes products like WetProof, RoofProof, Opalon-W90, and Elaston-W80. These polyurethane-modified, polyaspartic, and pure polyurea waterproof membrane paint products are ideal for waterproofing needs, complementing our polyurea coatings.

In addition to providing robust protection against moisture and water damage, these membranes enhance the durability and longevity of structures. They are specially formulated to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for both interior and exterior applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Elaston-PL75: Lining Solution for Pipelines

Elaston-PL75 is a unique product in our polyurethane range, designed specifically for the internal lining of pipelines. It's a robust solution to combat the corrosive effects of chemicals typically found in sewage and wastewater, ensuring the integrity and longevity of pipeline systems.

Liquimix offers a comprehensive selection of polyurethane products, catering to a wide range of industrial and construction needs. From polyurethane foam products to custom solutions, our products are designed for performance and reliability. Contact us for polyurethane solutions that align with your project requirements, whether it’s for ground stabilisation, waterproofing, or protective coatings.

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LIQUIBOND LiquiBond is a single component, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture-cure, modified polyurethane designed to stabilise and bind the surface of loose substrates such as roadbase CBR45 or CBR80 or...
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Joint Sealant

LiquiMix develops and supplies industry-leading polyurethane expansion joint sealant products to suit the requirements of asset owners, contractors and construction companies across Australia. Oneseal PU-25 is a one-component, fast-cure and...
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Waterproofing Membranes

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