ColourTuff® A90 | Aliphatic Polyurea

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ColourTuff® is 100% colour stable, which means it will not turn yellow or change colour even when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. It is highly abrasion-resistant and remains permanently elastomeric.

When you want a protective polyurea lining with all the advantages of Tufflon® but need it to be colourfast, then you’ll want to consider ColourTuff®. Such applications might include caravans and trucks, interiors and exteriors that require protection, sealing and resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion. 


LiquiMix’s range of Tufflon® and Elaston® pure polyurea are based on Aromatic chemistry and will change colour when exposed to UV. This has little effect on their long-term performance. Some colours change faster than others.

When colour change is not acceptable, such as flooring where the colour is a part of the design and aesthetics is important, then you will need an Aliphatic polyurea such as ColourTuff®. Easily processed through plural, airless equipment such as a Graco Reactor, ColourTuff® is the latest generation of Aliphatic Polyurea.

ColourTuff® has all the same properties of Tufflon® and Elaston® such as high elongation, extreme toughness and durability under harsh conditions. It is also resistant to many chemicals. ColourTuff® is relatively expensive and so it is typically applied as a topcoat over Tufflon® or Elaston® to give a system that is both beautiful, durable and cost-effective.

Applications for ColourTuff®

Marine applications (boats/catamarans)
Ponds, water features
Parking lots
Commercial flooring applications
Playground equipment


410kg drum set

41kg pail set

MIX RATIO 1:1 with Graco high-pressure, heated, impingement-mix equipment
HARDNESS 90 (Shore A)
ABRASION <33 (H22, 1000 cycle)
TEAR 98 N/mm

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Features of ColourTuff® A90 | Aliphatic Polyurea

  • Aliphatic pure polyurea

  • Colour stable (will not change colour)

  • Chemical resistant

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Permanently elastomeric

  • Smooth and seamless

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