Reactor 3 E-30 | Spray Foam Proportioner

Elite Spray Foam Proportioner System

The Reactor 3 E-30 is a spray foam proportioner system build for contractors looking for a machine with more output and capabilities. It is ideal for contractors focused on growing their business doing typical residential and commercial spray foam work. The E-30 is an ideal machine that can be the workhorse of your fleet, capable of handling most types of jobs with a good mix of output, heat and features.

Upgrade your rig with a powerful NEW Reactor 3 spray foam proportioner system, built with advanced capabilities for spray foam applications. Reactor 3 is designed to communicate with the entire system to simplify the operator's job, optimise spray parameters and maximise productivity. From start to finish, the world's most advanced spray foam and polyurea system.

Reactor 3 E-20, Standard, 10W Heat


New Features Include:

Reactor Connect

  • Real-time dashboard and reports via cellular connectivity
  • Improved cellular antenna
  • New GPS antenna
  • GPS location available in Reactor Connect

Touchscreen Advanced Display Module (ADM)

  • Large new touchscreen interface
  • Intuitive operation and navigation
  • All spray operations from one screen

ISO Lube Pump

  • Active ISO Lube system with peristaltic pump
  • Automatic timed circulation improves TSL Life
  • Reduced Maintenance (No check valves)
  • New larger easy-to-change ISO lube bottle

Independent Hose Control

  • Control A and B materials to different temperatures for improved pressure balancing
  • Optimises yield

Advanced Electric Design

  • Brushless motor for improved pressure/flow performance
  • New temperature control boards for independent hose heat
  • Voltage jumpers for easy changing between voltages
  • Robust UL listed electrical hose connectors are colour coded and keyed for error proof assembly

Reduced Size

  • Reduced footprint provides additional room in your rig
  • Compact design protects the flow meters and hose connections from being damaged in your rig

GRACO InSite data tracking & collection kit

  • Better fleet & crew management - knows when Reactors are running, idling or off
  • Track productivity by crew or machine
  • Follow reactor locations with GPS tracking
  • Get daily reports mailed to your inbox
  • Better protection for your future - Have documented data showing spray parameters for every job
  • Schedule off-site appointments with confidence
  • Better cost containment and forecasting - Track when equipment is ready for maintenance
  • Detect potential problems faster
  • Save lost revenue and downtime
  • Better customer service - provide more accurate job estimates
  • Help troubleshoot issues remotely
  • Get crews up and running faster



Features of Reactor 3 E-30 | Spray Foam Proportioner System

  • Advanced display module

  • Drum level indicators

  • Usage in litres displayed

  • Insite remote reporting

  • Improved troubleshooting

  • Cheaper hoses

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