Solvents and Lubrication

Plastic Chemical Container with handle


Liquilube is a non-volatile, safe-to-use, inert liquid plasticiser that has been specifically formulated to condition and protect pumps, wet cups and hoses in spray equipment. It can be used as...
Plastic Chemical Container with handle


Swell is a safe, biodegradable and non-volatile liquid that can be used for the softening and removal of cured polyurethane and polyurea, paint, epoxy, graffiti and industrial cleanup. Unlike methylene...
Plastic Chemical Container with handle

No Flam

Universal water miscible solvent with low flammability and is safe to use. Is used as a base for many cleaning products. Applications for No Flam Cleaning spray equipment parts As...
Plastic Chemical Container with handle

Methylated Spirits

Recommended for cleaning of spray equipment parts. Especially safe to use. Clean gun parts of liquid polyurea prior soaking in Swell to remove cured product. Useful for thinning 100% solids...
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Widely used common solvent for cleaning over spray of polyurea on equipment and other items. Acetone is water miscible. Related Products Swell No Flam Methylated Spirits DOWNLOADS SDS - ACETONE