Flake Options

We Now Stock & Sell Torginol Flakes

Flake is made from specially formulated polymer paint aggregates and is used to enhance the aesthetic and ergonomic quality of resinous flooring systems. Flake is available in two types: Vinyl and Acrylic. Standard Acrylic Flakes are easy to use and bonds exceptionally well with epoxies and clear coatings. Vinyl Flakes are better for solvent based materials as it won't bend under solvent influence.

Flake options are available in a wide variety of both colour and size to complement any space.


To create a decorative seamless floor we recommend the following:

  • Purchase a quality Flake blend. Either Acrylic or Vinyl.
  • Mix Flake thoroughly before using to achieve consistency throughout application
  • Broadcast the Flakes into the Epoxy or Polyaspartic base coat
  • Remove any unbonded Flakes
  • Sandwich the Flakes in, preferably with a UV resistant topcoat to provide a high level of protection and easy ongoing maintenance

Please call us on 1300 123 085 to discuss Flake options for your next project

  • Chemical, Moisture and Impact Resistance

  • Easy to clean and maintain; doesn't require special cleaning products

  • Slip-Resistant, ideal for high-traffic areas

  • Installation is quick and easy

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