TUFFLON® and Elaston® polyurea

  • Australian made under ISO 9001 — Consistent Quality Guaranteed
  • 20-year history
  • Warranty with Liquimix Technical Support
  • AS/NZS 4020 - Potable Water
  • Considered as class 3 Waterproofing membrane. Approved AS4858 liquid membrane & S4654.1 exposed liquid membrane.
  • MDG 3608. - Mining Certified Antistatic
  • Flame Retardant grades (with test certificates)
  • Super Slippery, hard-wearing grades for early release in Heavy Transport tippers
  • Contains no partially soluble or undesirable diluents
  • Competitive pricing
  • Colourtuff — Aliphatic polyurea for beautiful, colourfast linings
  • Hybron H90 — Hybrid, low-cost polyurea
  • Various colours available
  • Pack sizes — 425kg drum kit, 42.5kg pail kit
  • Liquimix is a major Graco Reactor plural spray equipment distributor.

Tufflon® pure polyurea comes in several grades, with each suited to a particular application. Each hi-tech polyurea grade exhibits outstanding abrasion and corrosion resistance, coupled with permanent elasticity, making these products (in conjunction with our Civilox® primer) the perfect lining system for protecting concrete and steel assets.

Elaston® is a pure polyurea optimised for waterproofing membrane system and spray coating applications through small portable Graco Reactors. Unlike polyurethane waterproofing coating products, Elaston® is insensitive to moisture in the substrate and won’t blister or crack, making it ideal as a polyurea roof coating spray or polyurea floor coating system. This hi-tech polyurea sealant is permanently elastomeric, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant and has a much longer lifespan than any other comparable polyurea waterproofing product on the market.


ColourTuff® is 100% colour stable, which means it will not turn yellow or change colour even when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. It is highly abrasion-resistant and remains permanently elastomeric.

When you want a protective polyurea lining with all the advantages of Tufflon® but need it to be colourfast, then you’ll want to consider ColourTuff®. Such applications might include caravans and trucks, interiors and exteriors that require protection, sealing and resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion.

LiquiMix’s range of Tufflon® and Elaston® pure polyurea are based on Aromatic chemistry and will change colour when exposed to UV. This has little effect on their long-term performance. Some colours change faster than others.

When colour change is not acceptable, such as flooring where the colour is a part of the design and aesthetics is important, then you will need an Aliphatic polyurea such as ColourTuff®. Easily processed through plural, airless equipment such as a Graco Reactor, ColourTuff® is the latest generation of Aliphatic Polyurea.

ColourTuff® has all the same properties of Tufflon® and Elaston® such as high elongation, extreme toughness and durability under harsh conditions. It is also resistant to many chemicals. ColourTuff® is relatively expensive and so it is typically applied as a topcoat over Tufflon® or Elaston® to give a system that is both beautiful, durable and cost-effective.

ColourTuff® A90 | Aliphatic Polyurea

Derived from the original spray polyurea developed by Texaco in the 1980s, there’s no other pure polyurea range in Australia with such a long and successful history of use. Designed for abrasion, corrosion, impact and chemical resistance, bunding (bund wall or bunded area), waterproofing and permanent immersion, Tufflon® protects for the long term.
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Choosing the right grade of polyurea isn’t as simple as choosing one product for one application, for example, a polyurea option for a roofing application or a suitable polyurea coating as a spray-on protective coating. While all Tufflon® and Elaston® polyurea exhibit the properties listed below, slight variations in formula provide subtle differences that need to be considered. Differences might include hardness, elongation, time to develop full physical properties, tear strength, colour stability, budget and more.

Wherever you’re located in Australia, we can deliver the right industrial polyurea solution for your specific needs. Looking for a hi-tech polyurea coating for sale or unsure which LiquiMix product best suits your project, for example, polyaspartic, polyurea coatings vs epoxy floor coatings? Contact LiquiMix for a proper assessment of the requirements for your project.

Polyurea: The Ultimate Protective Coating

Liquimix specialises in polyurea, a versatile and robust coating solution ideal for a range of applications. Our product line, including Tufflon® , Elaston® & Colourtuff® is Australian-made under ISO 9001, ensuring consistent, high-quality polyurea coatings. These coatings are perfect for protective, waterproofing, and floor coating applications.

Tufflon®: Diverse Applications and Proven Performance

The Tufflon® range offers multiple grades of polyurea, each tailored for specific uses. Known for its exceptional abrasion and corrosion resistance, Tufflon® also maintains permanent elasticity, making it a superior choice for protecting concrete and steel assets. It's suitable for applications requiring a seamless finish, excellent adhesion, and resistance to harsh conditions.

Elaston®: Specialised Waterproofing Membrane System

Elaston® is optimised for waterproofing membrane systems and spray coating applications. This pure polyurea is insusceptible to moisture, preventing blistering or cracking, ideal for use as a roof or polyurea floor coating. It’s a chemically resistant, abrasion-resistant solution with a longer lifespan than comparable products.

ColourTuff®: Tough and Cost-Effective

If you're seeking a durable polyurea coating with the benefits of Tufflon® or Elaston® but also need it to maintain its colour, then ColourTuff® should be your choice. This is particularly applicable for uses like caravans and trucks and interior and exterior surfaces that need safeguarding, sealing, and resistance against wear, impact, and corrosion.

Polyurea Floor Coating and Polyurea Paint: Versatile and Durable

Liquimix’s polyurea floor coatings and polyurea paint are designed for durability and longevity. These products are ideal for demanding environments, providing a tough, protective layer resistant to wear and tear. Whether it's a commercial space or an industrial setting, our polyurea coatings deliver unparalleled performance.

Polyurea Waterproofing: Effective and Long-Lasting

Our polyurea waterproofing products, including Tufflon® and Elaston®, provide effective, long-lasting solutions. They are ideal for a variety of waterproofing needs, from water tank liners to ground stabilisation projects and work seamlessly with our polyaspartic floor coating to ensure a reliable and durable barrier against water ingress.

Integration with Liquimix Products

Liquimix's polyurea products integrate seamlessly with other offerings like polyurethane foam and ground stabilisation solutions. This synergy enhances the overall effectiveness of your project, ensuring comprehensive protection and stabilisation.

For top-quality polyurea products in Australia, Liquimix is your go-to provider. Our Tufflon®, Elaston®, and other polyurea solutions are designed to meet the demanding needs of various industries, delivering performance and reliability. Contact us to find the ideal polyurea solution for your project’s specific requirements.
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Tufflon® and Elaston® are:

  • Permanently elastomeric

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Chemical-resistant

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Seamless finish

  • 100% Solids — no VOCs

  • 5-second gel time

  • Bridges hairline cracks in concrete

  • Excellent adhesion to concrete or steel

  • Won't blister, crack or peel

What makes Tufflon® unique? 

    The Tufflon® system has a long and successful 10+ year
    history of use in lining drinking water reservoirs. No other
    pure polyurea has such a strong and reliable track record.
    Diluents are often used in cheaper polyurea waterproofing coatings and can contribute to poor performance, especially in permanent immersion applications. Tufflon® won’t blister under water.
    The Civilox® epoxy / Tufflon® polyurea system bonds strongly
    to damp concrete.
    Due to the system's fast cure, the asset can be returned
    to service, often after only several hours.

What makes Tufflon® unique? 

    With high elongation greater than 400%, Tufflon® bridges
    hairline cracks, expansion joints and will tolerate subtle
    movement in the substrate without cracking, flaking or
    Most drinking water reservoirs are emptied during
    winter months when demand is low. The Civilox-18 /
    Tufflon® system will fully cure under these cold, damp
  • AS/NZS 4020:2005
    The Civilox-18 / Tufflon® system has passed all
    requirements of the potable water standard.
    Tufflon has high resistance to chemicals typically found
    in waste water, sewerage and secondary containment. See our
    chemical resistance chart below.

Comparison table:

Product Hardness (Shore) Elongation %

General Purpose

90A 425

General Purpose

80A 427

Steel Grade

60D 218

Antistatic Grade

90A 430


90A 450

Joint Filling

90A 430

Waterproofing Grade

80A 440

Hybrid budget grade

90A 450

Tufflon P90

Pure polyurea - Medium hardness, potable water grade and general purpose.

Tufflon P80

Pure polyurea - Excellent all rounder with a long history of use. Use on Geofabric.

Tufflon D60

Pure polyurea - High hardness, high adhesion for anti-corrosion on steel.

Tufflon P90AS

Pure polyurea - antistatic version of Tufflon-P90, for use in explosive and flammable environments.


Colour-stable, Aliphatic pure polyurea used where aesthetics are of high importance.

Tufflon JF90

Pure polyurea - Joint filling structural polyurea.

Elaston W80

Pure polyurea - Waterproofing grade. Low viscosity for easy processing.


Hybrid polyurea - Medium hardness economical grade.

Polyurea applications in action: